L.A. Times Daily - Oct 10 2013

Clues Answers
"Ring Cycle" goddess ERDA
"__ the Lights": Kanye West song ALLOF
*21st birthday, e.g MILESTONE
*Bargain hunter's destination FLEAMARKET
*Old TV title shown in a heart ILOVELUCY
*Precursor to adoption, often FOSTERCARE
*Slow-to-develop sort LATEBLOOMER
All one can stomach BELLYFUL
Amigo PAL
Big bird EMU
Bubble bath accessory LOOFA
Busts, perhaps ART
Capital SSW of Riyadh SANAA
Coffee shop feature AROMA
Colleague of Ruth and Sonia ELENA
Cover LID
Drives the getaway car for ABETS
Evolves beyond forgiveness FORGETS
Farm structure STY
Father of Moses AMRAM
First philosopher to mention Atlantis PLATO
Fiscal VIP CFO
Flag down HAIL
George's songwriting partner IRA
Gloss targets LIPS
Gourmet spreads PATES
Gray __ AREA
Half a sci-fi sign-off NANU
Hard wear? ARMOR
Hater of David, in Dickens URIAH
Hubbub STIR
Imperious LORDLY
Kindle add-ons APPS
La Brea goo TAR
Lab work TESTS
Like an unswept fireplace ASHY
Lose tensile strength SAG
Clues Answers
Mail payment REMIT
Maintain as true AFFIRM
Maui howdy ALOHA
More qualified ABLER
More, in Madrid MAS
Music provider STEREO
New Hampshire city KEENE
Newscaster Lindstrom PIA
Nine: Pref ENNEA
Northwest college town where "Animal House" was filmed EUGENE
On hand HERE
Ore refinery SMELTER
Personal strength FORTE
Postal motto word NOR
Pound spenders SYRIANS
Pumpkin pie spice NUTMEG
Rainy day consequence MUD
Relaxing getaway SPA
Rep.'s rival DEM
Salad choice, and a literal description of the starts of the answers to starred clues MIXEDGREENS
Skip over OMIT
Sphere opening ATMO
Spot for a Hindu's tilak FOREHEAD
Star in Lyra VEGA
Tierney of "ER" MAURA
Twitch TIC
Vegas hotel with a Sphinx re-creation LUXOR
Village People classic YMCA
Weeder's tool HOE
Where many tennis winners are hit ATNET
Wool source LLAMA
Word after high or open SEAS
Work in which Iago is a baritone OTELLO
Yard parts FEET
__ terrier: Highlands hunter CAIRN
__ ticket MEAL