- Oct 10 2013

Clues Answers
''Life of Pi'' director LEE
''__ Mutual Friend'' (Dickens novel) OUR
45th state UTAH
Barbarian ANIMAL
Baseless rumor CANARD
Boxing surface CANVAS
Buffett title CEO
Bumped into MET
Burrowing rodents PRAIRIEDOGS
Calgary Stampede, e.g RODEO
Capitulates YIELDS
Catchphrase SLOGAN
Close competitor RIVAL
Close to the ground LOW
Comply with OBEY
Contents of some kegs ALE
Dome-shaped do AFRO
Enthusiasm VIM
Falling-out RIFT
Feudal subjects SERFS
Film excerpt CLIP
Floral band WREATH
Forlorn cry ALAS
Fraction of a fl. oz TSP
Frosted ICED
Future husbands, maybe BEAUS
Goes biking PEDALS
Henri's water EAU
Hidden supply STASH
Homeric epic ILIAD
Hoops org NBA
Hotshot ACE
Insignificant thing HILLOFBEANS
Knucklehead DUNCE
Koala color GRAY
L'Oreal rival REVLON
Long account SAGA
Meditation method YOGA
Clues Answers
Metaphor for hope RAY
Monetary gain PROFIT
Money-back ploy REBATE
Most important MAIN
North Atlantic catch COD
Not at all eager AVERSE
Nutrition label listing FAT
Of hearing AURAL
Oil holder DRUM
One side of an issue CON
One side of an issue PRO
Org. concerned with 39 Across NASA
Out in the distance FAR
Paddywhack SPANK
Part of TGIF ITS
Part of UCLA CAL
Patterned after ALA
Plans (out) MAPS
Poet Van Duyn MONA
Prefix for economics MACRO
Prefix for hero ANTI
Productivity measure GNP
Puget Sound city TACOMA
Real estate development MALL
Regard impolitely OGLE
Sticks on ADDS
Stretch (out) EKE
Summer top TEE
Take on ADOPT
Tech giant IBM
Time out SIESTA
Trials and tribulations ILLS
Washington's home, 1777-78 VALLEYFORGE
Web presence SITE
Where the stars are SPACE
Without struggling EASILY
Woven together LACED