L.A. Times Daily - Oct 6 2013

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Clues Answers
"Drive for show, __ for dough": golf adage PUTT
"I'm sorry, Dave" speaker of sci-fi HAL
"It's All Coming Back to Me Now" singer DION
"Not interested" IPASS
"Sometimes you feel like __ …" ANUT
"The Art of War" author SUNTZU
"The Life __": "Mary Poppins" tune ILEAD
"To recap ..." INSUM
"Valley Girl" co-songwriter Frank or Moon ZAPPA
"__ Shoes": 2005 Cameron Diaz film INHER
106-Across rival, for short UAL
1994 Olympic gold medalist skater Baiul OKSANA
2012 Stanley Cup champs, initially LAK
35mm shooter SLR
Abstains from LAYSOFF
Applied henna, e.g DYED
Atlanta-based airline DELTA
Award-winning sci-fi writer Connie WILLIS
Baker's container PIETIN
Band booster AMP
Barmaid, to the Bard WENCH
Baseball teams NINES
Basketry fiber ISTLE
Bearded impressionist CAMILLEPISSARRO
Biweekly stub, perhaps PAYSLIP
Boston Garden legend ORR
Brooch fastener CLASP
Brutal HARSH
Bustle ADO
Busy time for a CPA APR
Buy quickly SNAPUP
Cathedral part APSE
Cause of eyelid redness STYE
CD precursors LPS
Colorado State athlete RAM
Construction site sights DETOURS
Convene MEET
Cross letters INRI
Ducked down, say HID
End-of-missive extras, for short PSS
Epic with a trip home to Ithaca ODYSSEY
Euro forerunner FRANC
Evening affair SOIREE
Evil-smelling FUNKY
Fig. that rarely exceeds 4 GPA
Figure skate feature TOEPICK
Flimsy THIN
Flower part PISTIL
Fly, in fly-fishing BAIT
Fruity quencher ADE
Fútbol cheer OLE
Game with meshed sticks LACROSSE
Go-ahead NOD
Gorbachev's land: Abbr USSR
Grimm menace OGRE
Guam Air Force base ANDERSEN
Hits with force POUNDS
It can be used in dating STAMP
It may be a sign of chilling GOOSEPIMPLE
It's a real knockout ETHER
Italian dressing herb OREGANO
James Joyce accessory EYEPATCH
Kitchen meas TSP
Laundry supply STARCH
Law gp. in red serge tunics RCMP
Leadership nucleus CADRE
Clues Answers
Learning ctr SCH
Let use for now LEND
Los Alamos test subjects, informally ABOMBS
Maple yield SAP
Masseur's bottleful HOTOIL
Missing person? PINER
Mogul-dodging path ESS
Monet subject PARC
Montreal-based shoe retailer ALDO
Moon-related phenomena TIDES
Moths with colorful eyespots on their hind wings IOS
Mountaineer's tool ICEAX
Near East product RICEPILAF
Nearly 40 inches METER
Nobelist of 1903 and 1911 CURIE
Nominees for them are announced in January OSCARS
Not yet shared UNTOLD
O'Hara home TARA
Page with sentiments OPED
Parts of some baby splits TWOPINS
Perceive NOTICE
Perfume, as at High Mass CENSE
Peter Sellers film that began production after his death TRAILOFTHEPINKPANTHER
Piano part STRING
Pickup feature TAILGATE
Place to follow politics CSPAN
Plays guitar chords, in a way STRUMS
Pocket protector insert PEN
Poetic monogram TSE
Port of Crete CANEA
Post-op stop ICU
Postgame postmortem RECAP
Pre-coll ELHI
Prima __ case FACIE
Rapper Big __ BOI
Retreat DEN
Rock bottom THEPITS
Rodeo performer ROPER
Sandwich order PASTRAMI
Scope opening? PERI
Sinuous swimmer EEL
Some hieroglyphic squiggles ASPS
Somme summer ETE
Sound-activated infomercial gadget CLAPPER
Spine line TITLE
Spout GUSH
Steam whistle sound TOOT
Swamps FENS
Swatch, e.g TIMEPIECE
Talk Like a Pirate Day mo SEP
Texas oil city ODESSA
Texter's "Don't go there!" TMI
They may be even or long ODDS
They're often email addresses USERIDS
Top parts CROWNS
Toronto-to-D.C. dir SSE
Transmission selection GEAR
Tropical hi ALOHA
Universally accepted principles AXIOMS
Vietnamese holiday TET
Webmaster's code HTML
Welcome center offerings MAPS
Wells' island doctor MOREAU
What one may be taken for? THETEAM
Where to catch the sound of music? OUTEREAR
Work measures ERGS
__ circus MEDIA
__ Steaks OMAHA