New York Times - Oct 6 2013

Clues Answers
'But of course!' NATCH
'Here lies One ___ Name was writ in Water' (words on Keats's tombstone) WHOSE
'Histoire de ___' (children's classic) BABAR
'I'm glad!' GOOD
'North Dallas Forty' star NOLTE
1970s Ford on the move? ROLLINGPINTO
1979 Fleetwood Mac hit SARA
Ancient Hellenic healer GALEN
Area in which one shines FORTE
Autograph seekers' targets IDOLS
Away from the wind ALEE
Bag End resident BILBO
Balance sheet nos AMTS
Bezos who founded Amazon JEFF
Big Apple cop who's looking to bust Popeye? NYPDBLUTO
Camp rentals CANOES
Cannon who married Cary Grant DYAN
Capture BAG
Car company based in Palo Alto, Calif TESLA
Christmas decoration that automatically steers toward lovers? GUIDEDMISTLETOE
Common ingredient in Nigerian cuisine YAM
Company with a monocled mascot PLANTERS
Compensate (for) ATONE
Comply with MEET
Constellation animal URSA
Conversation openers? LIPS
Country club vehicle CART
Dart gun TASER
Defendant's declaration PLEA
Driver's recommendation BUCKLEUP
Dublin-born musician BONO
Elite squad ATEAM
English school ETON
Enthusiastic enjoyment of one's unhappiness? GLOOMYGUSTO
Extracts metal from SMELTS
Exudes OOZES
Fitting punishment JUSTDESERTS
Frightful UGLY
Genesis victim ABEL
Genoese delicacy PESTO
Get more mileage out of REUSE
Give orders to BOSS
Goizueta Business School's university EMORY
Golfer's obstacle TREE
Gussied (up) DOLLED
Hands-free microphone's place LAPEL
Hindustan capital of old AGRA
Holmes of Hollywood KATIE
Impediments to teamwork EGOS
Impertinent SAUCY
Incur cellphone charges, maybe ROAM
Lapse in secrecy LEAK
Lead bug in 'A Bug's Life' ANT
Learn all about the capital of Ecuador? MASTERQUITO
Learn fast, say CRAM
Leave surreptitiously SKIPOFF
Like Lincolns OVINE
Like sulfuric acid OILY
Like the word 'cwm' WELSH
Magic word that never loses its power? PERMANENTPRESTO
Maintains AVERS
Medical breakthrough CURE
Mesoamerican crop MAIZE
Model A features RUMBLESEATS
More than a murmur of discontent UPROAR
More than ardent RABID
Clues Answers
Ocular ailment STYE
Old trans-Atlantic voyager PINTA
One of the Obamas SASHA
Orbital decay result REENTRY
Overlarge BLOATED
Overlarge OBESE
Pacified LULLED
Paint option MATTE
People's Sexiest Man Alive ... twice DEPP
Photo processing centers MINILABS
Player in a pocket IPOD
Pleasant vocal qualities LILTS
Pop lover MOM
Portion of Dante's 'Inferno' that was wisely excised? GARBAGECANTO
Poseidon ruled them SEAS
Prefix with septic or tank ANTI
Rises dramatically SOARS
Rock launcher SLING
Rock used for flagstones SHALE
Round house IGLOO
Rubbermaid wares BINS
Ruptures RENDS
Sad sack LOSER
Sang in the moonlight, maybe BAYED
Say uncle YIELD
Seethe BOIL
Seinfeld called him 'the Picasso of our profession' PRYOR
Sensor forerunner ATRA
Service manual? HYMNBOOK
Settlement stipulations TERMS
Seven-foot (or so) cryptid YETI
Skimming utensil SPOON
Slip by PASS
Small game QUAIL
Some fund-raisers FAIRS
Sonata segment RONDO
Southernmost province of Spain CADIZ
Spanish 'weight' PESO
Sport with a French name EPEE
Spotted SEEN
Stable diet? OATS
Stare stupidly GAWP
Stingy snack vendor's special offer? BUYONEGETONEFRITO
Stumper POSER
Submarine POBOY
Tach site DASH
Take a stab at GOFOR
Teacher at Alexandria EUCLID
Tech company in the Fortune 500 EBAY
Tempered by experience WISER
Tenderloin cut FILET
The Josip Broz Memorial Trophy? CUPOFTITO
Three-time Olympics host LONDON
Tiny pasta ORZO
To date ASYET
Tootle MOTOR
Track assignments LANES
Twins, possibly BEDS
Unsound, as an argument WEAK
Waterless BONEDRY
Where roots grow SCALP
Whittled (down) PARED
Wine Country surname GALLO
You may have had issues with them in the past REPRINTS
[unmentionable] BLEEP
___ Kaepernick, Super Bowl XLVII QB for the 49ers COLIN
___ soup MISO