New York Times - Oct 4 2013

Clues Answers
'Don't joke about that yet' TOOSOON
'The Hudsucker Proxy' director, 1994 COEN
'___ mentioned ...' ASI
Abbr. after 8-Across INC
About 7% of it is American SAMOA
Apple assistant SIRI
Appointment disappointments NOSHOWS
Artificially small STUNTED
Back-pedaler's words IMEAN
Bar that's set very high TRAPEZE
Basic solution LYE
Blockbuster? TNT
Catered to Windows shoppers? ETAILED
Changing place NURSERY
Chocolate bar with a long biscuit and caramel TWIX
Colorful cooler SNOCONE
Columbia and the like IVIES
Coral ___ (city near Oakland Pk., Fla.) SPR
Critical KEY
Cryotherapy choice ICEBATH
Destroyer destroyer TORPEDO
Display on a red carpet GLITZ
Does some outdoor pitching? ENCAMPS
Event occasioning 7-Down DIVORCE
Ex amount? ALIMONY
Frankenstein, e.g MONSTER
French river or department EURE
Giant in fantasy TOLKIEN
Gradual, in some product names SLO
Hall-of-Fame rock band or its lead musician SANTANA
Images on some lab slides AMOEBAS
Inventory ITEMIZE
It flies on demand AIRTAXI
It sends out lots of streams NETFLIX
Clues Answers
Its flowers are very short-lived DAYLILY
Its passengers were revolting AMISTAD
Last band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alphabetically ZZTOP
Lib. arts major SOC
Like a sawhorse's legs SPLAYED
Like some milk SCALDED
Lima-to-Bogotá dir NNE
Makeover options HAIRDOS
Mediums for dummies, say: Abbr ANAG
Nationals, at one time EXPOS
Noodle taxers? IQTESTS
Observes NOTES
One who may be on your case GUMSHOE
Party staple DIP
Physicist Bohr NIELS
Rust or combust OXIDATE
Sashimi staple AHITUNA
Skunk, at times SPRAYER
Some P.D. personnel LTS
Stand-out performances SOLOS
Subject of the 2003 book 'Power Failure' ENRON
Subsist on field rations? GRAZE
Tablet banner, say, briefly FDA
The Spanish I love? AMO
Theodore Roosevelt Island setting POTOMAC
Took away bit by bit ATEINTO
Truncated trunks? SPEEDOS
Vapor: Prefix ATMO
Very long European link CHUNNEL
What a couple of people can play DUET
What might take up residence? TORNADO
Where it all comes together? NEXUS
Without hesitation NOW
Without hesitation, in brief PDQ
Zero times, in Zwickau NIE