- Oct 4 2013

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Clues Answers
''American Hunter'' publisher NRA
''Warrior Princess'' of TV XENA
''__ Gold'' (Cussler novel) INCA
About 687 Martian days YEAR
All too familiar TRITE
Be too sweet CLOY
Bottom of some scales ONE
Bovine team OXEN
Brisk pace TROT
Coat specification LONG
Comics bulldog OTTO
Corn product MEAL
Crest APEX
Encrusted CAKED
Epicurean SENSUAL
Escamillo, in ''Carmen'' TOREADOR
Essence of trivia FACTS
Faith factions SECTS
Fashion designer Elie SAAB
Fencing attack LUNGE
Finally realize NET
Foolish talk PRATTLE
Formerly ONCE
Genetics lab activity DNACLONING
Godzilla hangout TOKYO
Gratis, so to speak ELFREEBO
Greenish-blue TEAL
In round numbers ORSO
Is behind OWES
It may have an EIK APT
Jor-El in ''Man of Steel'' CROWE
Jump on ice AXEL
Laudatory lines ODE
Like artificial fruit WAXY
Lt. Columbo's employer LAPD
Made beloved ENDEARED
Make more efficient HONE
Marquee word NITE
Measure (out) METE
Clues Answers
Naval officer, for short EXEC
New England catch SCROD
One of Santa's team COMET
Outset, informally GETGO
Parliamentary vote NAY
Peloponnesian War victor SPARTA
Physical location SITE
Picnic staple SLAW
Pirates' hideout LAIR
Place for fine dishes CHINACLOSET
Polishes off EATS
Pored over READ
Powers that be INS
Prefix for normal PARA
Quasimodo at work RINGER
Rembrandt contemporary STEEN
Rig rod AXLE
Righteous MORAL
Rio Grande tributary PECOS
Rival of Pan Am TWA
Roll shape CRESCENT
Schooner pole MAST
See 60 Across RUG
Slowly weaken ERODE
Some dental records XRAYS
Spread around SOWED
Start of a Streisand song ONACLEARDAY
Thin part of a dictionary ZEE
Thinly veiled fiction ROMANACLEF
Throw for a loop FAZE
Took off on APED
Traitors RATS
Trip delayers DETOURS
Unsubstantial AIRY
Useful skill ASSET
Uttered ORAL
Watches with hands ANALOGS
With 55 Across, parlor accessory AREA