New York Times - Oct 3 2013

Clues Answers
'... goes, ___ go!' UMASS
'Ah, my Beloved, fill the Cup that clears' poet OMAR
'Apparently' SEEMSB
'Don't even think about it' UHUH
'Good thing I don't have the same problem!' SUCKSBBYOU
'I say' sayer FISH
'Look what I found!' cries OHOS
'Scrubs' locale: Abbr HOSP
'The Tao of Pooh' author Benjamin HOFF
'Truthfully ...' BBHONEST
'Whatever!' SCREWIT
'___ talk?' CANWE
'___, boy!' HERE
1986 top 10 hit for Billy Idol BBALOVER
38-Across's genus HOMO
Ball mate ARNAZ
Belgian battleground during W.W. I YPRES
Brought up to speed BRIEFED
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, e.g ROBBERS
Caen cleric ABBE
Certain ring bearer HOBBIT
Chardonnay feature DRYNESS
Christmas hymn beginning ADESTE
Classic rock song in 'Easy Rider' ORI
Drifts away EBBS
Earth goddess created by Chaos GAEA
Events at which people are dead serious? SEANCES
Fancy suite amenity WETBAR
Fictional substance in a Disney film FLUBBER
Following AFTER
G.W. competitor ARIA
Half of an old comedy team ABBOTT
Holder of a pair of queens CHESSSET
In and of itself PERSE
In two, say APART
It's possessive HER
Kind of tradition ORAL
Clues Answers
Letters in car ads APR
Like the myth of Ragnarok RITZ
Luxury hotel name THEY
Meal at which to drink four cups of wine SEDER
Menu section ELSE
Milk sources EWES
Mister, overseas HERR
Mr. ___ PIBB
N.B.A. Hall-of-Famer Walker CHET
Name on a bottle of Sensuous Nude perfume ESTEE
Ohio city WSW of Columbus XENIA
One who may need a shower? BRIDEBB
One with ergophobia SLOTH
Overly precious TWEE
P.D.Q. Bach's 'I'm the Village Idiot,' e.g ISSA
Part of a pickup line? TAXI
Quaker product OHS
Relative of a gemsbok ORYX
Rep. Darrell of California NORSE
River of film PHOENIX
Robert of 'Quincy, M.E.' ITO
Shiner STAR
Showed politeness at the front door ASKEDIN
Some buggy drivers AMISH
Some pyramids TOMBS
That is the question BBORNOTBB
That's the point DOT
Threat ender DDAY
Time of 1944's Operation Neptune GOMER
U.S.S. Enterprise chief engineer Geordi ___ LAFORGE
What fell in the Fall MAN
What's not for big shots? BBGUN
Where reruns run ONTV
Yokel, in slang BORNBBWILD
Zodiac symbol SCALE
___ Balls SNO
___ Schwarz FAO
___ skirt HULA