L.A. Times Daily - Oct 3 2013

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Clues Answers
"Cagney & Lacey" Emmy winner GLESS
"Grand" ice cream brand EDYS
"I am just __ boy, though my story's seldom told": "The Boxer" APOOR
"Kubla Khan" poet COLERIDGE
"The Birdcage" wrap BOA
'60s-'70s "Fearsome Foursome" NFL team LARAMS
1-Down holder CONE
Alley Oop's girl OOOLA
Between jobs IDLE
Bierce defines it as "His" HERS
BMW competitor AUDI
Bottom of the sea? KEEL
Brouhaha FLAP
Capri crowd? TRE
Claw holder PAW
Conductor Zubin MEHTA
Cosmetician Elizabeth ARDEN
Court WOO
Deck department supervisor, briefly BOSN
Diving rotation, and the clue for four puzzle answers TWIST
Elderly AGED
Emerges from the wings ENTERS
Exxon forerunner ESSO
Flesh and blood KIN
Gaseous: Pref AERI
Gator chaser? ADE
Get together FASTEN
Go over more carefully REEXAMINE
Governor who opened the Erie Canal CLINTON
Granada bear OSO
Hardly a sophisticate BOOR
Hindu mystics YOGIS
Hosiery thread LISLE
Ice cream serving SCOOP
In that case IFSO
Invalidate VOID
Is after SEEKS
Jazz pianist Ahmad __ JAMAL
Clues Answers
Land of Arthurian legend AVALON
Large jazz combo NONET
Lee follower REB
Like bars in noir films SMOKY
Massage KNEAD
Mont. neighbor SDAK
Moscow news acronym ITAR
Operatic prince IGOR
Oyster's spot BED
Paparazzo's prize, briefly PIC
Payable now DUE
Peak in a Trevanian title EIGER
Plaintiff SUER
Platte River settler OTO
Pop radio fodder HITS
Prom king, often JOCK
Rapper __ Fiasco LUPE
Really worry EATAT
Reported for the first time NEW
Represent officially ACTFOR
Retirees often do it TRAVEL
Sail supports YARDARMS
Salsa singer Cruz CELIA
Santa Monica-to-Jacksonville hwy ITEN
Scripps competition BEE
Scripture section PASSAGE
Spoil, with "on" DOTE
Spreads on the table OLEOS
Sunburn soother ALOE
Workout woe ACHE
WWII carriers LSTS
Zhou __ ENLAI
__ Maria: liqueur TIA