L.A. Times Daily - Oct 1 2013

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Clues Answers
"Good Hands" company ALLSTATE
"Iliad" war god ARES
"Mission: Impossible" theme composer Schifrin LALO
"Murder on the __ Express" ORIENT
"No worries, man" IMCOOL
"North to the Future" state ALASKA
"Shame, shame!" TSKTSK
"W is for Wasted" mystery author SUEGRAFTON
"You're right" TRUE
2012 Ben Affleck political thriller ARGO
Adman's connection TIEIN
Almost never ONCE
Animated mermaid ARIEL
Baby deer FAWN
Baby goat KID
Barack's younger daughter SASHA
Betsy Ross, famously SEWER
Bouquet of flowers NOSEGAY
Bus. get-together MTG
Came into play AROSE
Canal passage connecting Lake Superior and the lower Great Lakes SOOLOCKS
Carry a balance OWE
Chem class requirement LAB
Continental border range URALS
Demean ABASE
Detailed map windows INSETS
Digital camera battery, often AAA
Fall mo SEP
Fishing basket CREEL
Former Defense secretary Panetta LEON
Franchised supermarket brand IGA
Gender SEX
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Half a superhero's identity ALTEREGO
Home of baseball's Marlins MIAMI
Home to millions of Brazilians SAOPAULO
Hoops gp NBA
Indian dresses SARIS
Is able to CAN
Clues Answers
ISP option MSN
KGB country USSR
Land parcel LOT
Last Supper query ISITI
Legal thing RES
Legged it RAN
Lodge group ELKS
Lone Star State sch TSU
Low in the lea MOO
Mall unit STORE
Margin jotting NOTE
Marlins' div NLE
Mercedes rival BMW
Michigan or Ontario city on the same border river SAULTSTEMARIE
Most populous city in South Dakota SIOUXFALLS
Neuwirth of "Cheers" BEBE
Novelist Tyler ANNE
Open, as a bud BLOSSOM
Opponent FOE
Organizes by date, say SORTS
Pierre-Auguste of impressionism RENOIR
Price COST
Put away STOW
Recluse LONER
Ristorante squid CALAMARI
Second-in-command in the kitchen SOUSCHEF
Sharp ridge ARETE
Sit-up targets ABS
Ski rack site ROOF
Small bills ONES
Superficially cultured ARTY
Switch SWAP
Take a nap SNOOZE
Take it all off GONUDE
Unbarred, to a bard OPE
Unit of cotton BALE
Very big maker of very little chips INTEL
Yeats' land: Abbr IRE