L.A. Times Daily - Sep 21 2013

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Clues Answers
"Color me surprised!" IHADNOIDEA
"Welcome to the human network" tech giant CISCO
2010 Western remake that garnered 10 Oscar nominations TRUEGRIT
Act like a pig, in a way ROOT
Astronomy Muse URANIA
Authorizing OKING
Bar supply available at the touch of a button SODA
Bent piece ELL
Biological cooler SWEATGLAND
Brief black-and-white flash? APB
Check alternatives XES
Cheesy stuff SCHLOCK
Cub games setting: Abbr CDT
Cultivated BRED
Cutting remark DIG
Desert mount CAMEL
Don't bother LETBE
Dweller on the Red Sea YEMENITE
Early birds? EGGS
European trio in a Christmas song HENS
Family title AUNT
Farm sound MOOING
Faux-antique décor SHABBYCHIC
FF's opposite REW
First-aid practitioner, briefly EMT
Fitness brand AVIA
Foe of the fictional spy agency CONTROL KAOS
Garment feature that's sometimes detachable HOOD
Haunted house sounds CLANKS
Hidden Valley competitor KENS
Hunter's companion GOLDENRETRIEVER
Hutch contents CHINA
In reality DEFACTO
It may wash up onshore KELP
Clues Answers
It's hard to write with one NONDOMINANTHAND
Ivy League member PENN
Jamaican hybrid fruit UGLI
Jardín occupant FLOR
Leaving for OFFTO
Like some news BAD
Malaysian Chinese shoe designer Jimmy CHOO
Minute ITSY
Nurses SIPS
Passes out DEALS
Phil Jackson, for most of the '70s KNICK
Presently BYANDBY
Pretentious TOOTOO
Prevented from getting unruly KEPTINLINE
Pump parts TOES
Rogers __: Toronto stadium CENTRE
Shot glass PONY
Sing ballads, say CROON
Singer of the children's album "Camp Lisa" LOEB
Small-screen princess XENA
Soc. Sec. supplement IRA
Spanish autonomy Castile and __ LEON
Star of Looney Tunes' "for Scent-imental Reasons" PEPE
Stick with a spring POGO
Stock character? BROKER
Success on a mat PIN
Tab alternative DIETCOKE
They're built on benches PECS
Thomas who co-created "Free to Be... You and Me" MARLO
Ton o' LOTTA
What collaborators should be in SYNC
Word in a Le Pew address CHERI
Words next to many 22-Down YOUAREHERE
Yupik craft UMIAK