L.A. Times Daily - Sep 19 2013

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Clues Answers
"Charlie Wilson's War" org CIA
"Law & Order" org NYPD
Abarth automaker FIAT
After-dinner drink COGNAC
Alex Haley classic ROOTS
Antlered bugler ELK
Blues-rocker Chris REA
Brought to mind EVOKED
Budget alternative AVIS
Bully's secret shame? FEAROFTHEDORK
Causes to quail DAUNTS
Chick of jazz COREA
Clothes TOGS
Cock or bull MALE
Coffee hour item URN
Compass dirección NORTE
Composer Bruckner ANTON
Cry for a picador OLE
Day spa offering FACIAL
Distillery vessel VAT
Empty room population? NOONE
Eur. kingdom NOR
Expos, since 2005 NATS
Exposed BARE
Fashionable jeans feature RIP
Find one's voice PIPEUP
First name in fashion YVES
Fishing boat DORY
Fortresses CITADELS
Freak out GOAPE
Frequently, in verse OFT
Glass sheet PANE
Governor's pet projects? STATEPORK
Hardy's "__ From the Madding Crowd" FAR
High wind OBOE
Home shopping channel QVC
Hoops score BASKET
In short order SOON
Clues Answers
Iroquoian people ERIE
Jekyll creator's initials RLS
Like one who forgot the Dramamine SEASICK
Liking quite a bit INTO
Liturgical shout of praise HOSANNA
London's prov ONT
Member of the opposition ANTI
Nasser's confed UAR
Not hidden SEEN
Nutritionist's recommendation DIET
Olympic Airways founder ONASSIS
One on a pedestal IDOL
One who's always on the go? NOMAD
Pear that's good for poaching BOSC
Pet's reward TREAT
Pick-me-up TONIC
Place for a wide-screen TV DEN
Poetic lowland VALE
Precipitation HASTE
Pulitzer poet Van Duyn MONA
Pundit's piece OPED
Recipient of two New Testament epistles TIMOTHY
Rep on the street CRED
Say "Come in, Orson!" e.g.? QUOTEMORK
Shot in the dark STAB
Spreadsheet function SORT
Stir ADO
Superior to ABOVE
Take out ERASE
Take to task SCOLD
Talent GIFT
Things STUFF
Use the rink SKATE
Utensil that gives you ideas? CREATIVESPORK
Was revolting? RIOTED
Winchester wielders RIFLEMEN
Without a downside NORISK