Universal - Sep 16 2013

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Clues Answers
"That turns my stomach!" UGH
"Thundercats" creature SNARF
Adds a lane WIDENS
Airport posting (Abbr.) ETA
Always, to an old poet EER
American's Olympics cheer USA
Animated Springfield minor leaguer ISOTOPE
Antarctic bird SKUA
Artist Jean ARP
Artist ___ de Toulouse-Lautrec HENRI
Babble on and on and on PRATE
Bath basin TUB
Beauts LULUS
Black thrush OUSEL
Bodybuilder's unit REP
Catch in a snare ENTRAP
City on the Illinois River PEORIA
Clairvoyant's claim ESP
Coating of ice or frost RIME
Condos, e.g UNITS
Crazy people, in Mexico LOCOS
Didn't go seek HID
Dinner plate scraping ORT
Doris Day lyric SERA
Drop in the mailbox SEND
Eggshell-like color ECRU
Entertainer's advocate AGENT
First-class PRIMO
Full-time channel surfer COUCHPOTATO
Haunting EERIE
Hollywood clashers EGOS
In an angry way CROSSLY
In the open air OUTSIDE
Indian lentil dish DAL
It may be found on a lobe STUD
Kick without a tee PUNT
Lobbies with glass ceilings ATRIA
Makes a blunder ERRS
Makes right AMENDS
Clues Answers
National Spelling Bee rarity TIE
Nightclub gadabout TABLEHOPPER
Nonclerical group LAITY
Officeholder who accomplishes little CHAIRWARMER
One lacking social graces NERD
One of the Muses ERATO
Opposite of "nope" YEP
Ordain ENACT
Overly sentimental SAPPY
Partook of ATE
Pasture LEA
People working in cubicles DESKJOCKEYS
Perform better than OUTDO
Piece of beefcake HUNK
Prolonged gaze STARE
Pudding starch SAGO
Pulp fiction gumshoe TEC
Radio personality DEEJAY
Resident of a country on the Arabian Sea OMANI
Respectful title in India SRI
Same-old, same-old USUAL
Serious play DRAMA
Set of supplies KIT
Some spreads OLEOS
Some victories for Ali KAYOES
Stoolie SNITCH
Swiss capital? FRANC
Switzerland's ___ Leman LAC
Terrible trial ORDEAL
They march in lines ANTS
Tight-fisted one, in slang PIKER
Tyne or Timothy DALY
Viral varieties STRAINS
Wanted poster letters AKA
Where to get fab abs SPA
___ chi (martial art form) TAI
___ place (locate) SETIN