L.A. Times Daily - Sep 11 2013

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Clues Answers
"Bullitt" director Peter YATES
"Les Miserables" author HUGO
"O Sole __" MIO
"Over the Rainbow" composer ARLEN
"Walking in Memphis" singer Cohn MARC
"Yikes!" OHNO
A.L. East team BOS
Accommodating work hours FLEXSCHEDULES
Acquirer of more than 1,000 patents EDISON
Action on eBay BIDS
Babylonian writing system CUNEIFORM
Balloon filler AIR
Béchamel base ROUX
Biblical prophet HOSEA
Big success SMASH
Bring in EARN
Capital west of Haiphong HANOI
Chaplin's last wife OONA
Cheerful GLAD
Chewie's shipmate HAN
Chiang Mai native THAI
Company that manufactures the starts of 20-, 32-, 41- and 52-Across FORD
Culinary combination FUSIONCUISINE
Dance moves STEPS
Danish astronomer Brahe TYCHO
Darjeeling, e.g TEA
Deli worker's chore SLICING
Derby prize ROSES
Fairway boundary ROUGH
Found out HEARD
Frito-Lay is its title sponsor FIESTABOWL
Golf-friendly forecast SUNNY
Grants permanent status to, as a professor TENURES
Hard to please FINICKY
Harper's __ BAZAAR
Heart of Paris? COEUR
Indiana neighbor OHIO
Ira Gershwin contribution LYRIC
It includes mayo ANO
Clues Answers
Kidney-related RENAL
Large amount TON
Laundry cycle SPIN
Lefty in Cooperstown GOMEZ
Lenient LAX
Like the accent in "entrée" ACUTE
Look slyly LEER
Mark of Zorro ZEE
Market research panel FOCUSGROUP
Medical nickname DOC
Miller's "__ From the Bridge" AVIEW
Mint, e.g HERB
Monopoly deed abbr AVE
More aloof ICIER
Mottled PIED
Multitude ARMY
Nametag greeting HELLO
Narcissist's love SELF
Neither masc. nor fem NEUT
Old Norse poetry collection EDDA
Palindromic fashion mag ELLE
Part of i.e EST
Prepare for surgery SCRUBUP
Rear-__ ENDER
Rockne of Notre Dame fame KNUTE
Roger Rabbit or Bugs Bunny TOON
Scull propeller OAR
Senate majority leader since 2007 REID
Small Asian pooch bred as a watchdog LHASAAPSO
Succumbed to stage fright FROZE
SUV part: Abbr VEH
Taking the wrong way? THEFT
Toledo's lake ERIE
USN rank ENS
Ways of escape OUTS
Wedding memento VIDEO
Weeps convulsively SOBS
Wild mountain goat IBEX
Wondered aloud? OOHED