L.A. Times Daily - Sep 10 2013

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Clues Answers
"Don't __ the small stuff!" SWEAT
"If __ my way ..." IHAD
"Incorrect!" NOTSO
"Mötley" group CRUE
"Never mind" PC key ESC
"Psycho" Oscar nominee JANETLEIGH
43,560 square feet ACRE
A driver who forgets something might make one UTURN
ABA member ATT
Actress Deborah KERR
Against ANTI
Artist who lives across from Central Park's Strawberry Fields ONO
Caresses PETS
Close to NEAR
Corp. fiscal execs CFOS
Cpl., for one NCO
Deer dad STAG
Dutch cheese EDAM
Early spring blooms CROCI
Epps and Sharif OMARS
Evaluated RATED
Feng __: decorating philosophy SHUI
FG's three PTS
French 101 infinitive ETRE
GM labor gp UAW
Golfer's gimme TAPIN
Graduation wear GOWN
Greek deli stockpile PITAS
Grifter's game CONJOB
H-like Greek vowel ETA
Has a big track payday (and a hint to hidden words that begin 17-, 27- and 43-Across) HITSTHETRIFECTA
Heroic TV dog LASSIE
Hockey great Phil, familiarly ESPO
Indianapolis-to-Fort Wayne dir NNE
iPhone's voice-activated personal assistant SIRI
Just minted NEW
Kiss from 10-Down LICK
Clues Answers
Layette suit ONESIE
Lone Ranger's pal TONTO
Mascara applicator WAND
Moor flora HEATHER
Pelt FUR
Pillow-shaped diamond style CUSHIONCUT
Poker declaration IMIN
Pokes around on the Internet SURFS
Pouch SAC
Privacy protector of a sort SHOWERCURTAIN
Prospector's quest ORE
Rapper-turned-actor ICET
Ready to mate, animal-wise INHEAT
Redding of soul OTIS
Response to snake oil, perhaps PLACEBOEFFECT
Shiny finish LUSTER
Sleepover wear, briefly PJS
Some regatta equipment OARS
Sound from a contented kitty PURR
Sow's squeal OINK
Spanish lad NINO
Steering system component TIEROD
Strips of weapons UNARMS
Swimming aids FINS
Tails and tongues do it WAG
Takes in, as a movie SEES
Those gals, in Guadalajara ESAS
Took the cup WON
Toupees RUGS
Uniformed figure in the National Toy Hall of Fame GIJOE
University URL ending EDU
URL opener HTTP
Vision-related OPTIC
Way up the slope SKILIFT
Went (for) OPTED
__ truck TOW