Jonesin Crosswords - Sep 10 2013

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Clues Answers
"At last, the weekend!" TGIF
"Brave New World" drug SOMA
"Crouching Tiger" director Lee ANG
"How ___ is that?" COOL
"I love you," in a telenovela TEAMO
"Lemony Snicket" evil count OLAF
"The King and I" country SIAM
"The Mod Squad" role LINC
"Ugly Betty" actor Michael URIE
"Unique New York" and "Cinnamon aluminum linoleum" TONGUETWISTERS
"Waiting for the Robert ___" ELEE
"Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" band THEFLAMINGLIPS
"You're ___ Need to Get By" ALLI
1600, to Caesar MDC
1917 marked their end TSARS
1972 Olympics star Mark SPITZ
50% of sechs DREI
Access for a wheelchair RAMP
Afternoon social activities TEAS
Airline that flies to Tel Aviv ELAL
Albert of sportscasts MARV
Aquarium buildup ALGAE
Awfully bloody RARE
Bad sign, maybe OMEN
Banned fruit spray ALAR
Baylor University city WACO
Big fishhook GAFF
Big name on 5th Avenue SAKS
Blacksmith's block ANVIL
Box cover LID
Bridge positions WESTS
Brit's submachine gun STEN
Catches sight of ESPIES
Chiding sound TSK
Citified URBAN
Cookie that can be "Double Stuf" OREO
Cowboy's controls REINS
Dict. entries DEFS
Clues Answers
DMV issuance LIC
Drawer handle KNOB
Dye family AZO
Exile for Napoleon ELBA
Far from slack TAUT
Flight org. (anagram of CIAO) ICAO
Gabor who slapped a cop ZSAZSA
Galena and bauxite, for two ORES
Gave grub to FED
Gift on the seventh day of Christmas SWANS
Hawaii, the ___ State ALOHA
Hawaiian root TARO
India.___ who covered "Imagine" ARIE
iPhone rival DROID
It's made with a lot of folding and chewing GUMWRAPPERCHAIN
Item for an exhaustive search, so to speak FINETOOTHEDCOMB
Japanese wheat noodle UDON
Kind of Buddhism ZEN
Knotty sort? TANGLER
Modest shelter HUT
Nintendo franchise ZELDA
Oh-so-precious TWEE
Orange drink on some of Portland's Voodoo Doughnuts TANG
Piece of land PLOT
Place where cuts are part of the profit SALON
Roosted SAT
Some employee data, for short SSNS
Surgeon on daytime TV DROZ
Texas or Georgia follower TECH
The ___ from French Lick (Larry Bird) HICK
They may be crunchy or soft TACOSHELLS
Uplifting company? OTIS
Vigilant against attack ONGUARD
Villain's den LAIR
Was thought of CAMETOMIND
Weekly septet DAYS
Woody Allen animated film ANTZ
Work undercover SPY