USA Today - Sep 10 2013

Clues Answers
"Congratulations ___ order" AREIN
"Fight of the Century" loser ALI
"MMMBop" group HANSON
"___ pleases the court . . ." IFIT
"___ size fits all" ONE
4x4 vehicle, for short UTE
Answered back REJOINED
Argentinian icon PERON
Arm bone ULNA
Basic travel path ATOB
Blender noise WHIR
Blood carriers VEINS
Canned ham glaze ASPIC
Cheese from France BRIE
Composition of some towers IVORY
Condo section UNIT
Contents of some kids' boxes JUICES
Damaged by drought SERE
Dependent on charity NEEDY
Don't include OMIT
Early NASA missions APOLLOS
Exact copies CLONES
Except if UNLESS
Fair jury member PEER
Fantastic feeling ECSTASY
Fedorov of the NHL SERGEI
Fish-eating eagle ERNE
Gander or buck, e.g MALE
Geraint's better half ENID
Get ready to operate PREP
Go against God SIN
Have an inkling SENSE
Having more skill ABLER
Holiday of song BILLIE
Immature amphibians EFTS
In a skill-less way BADLY
Interpreter of the news SPINDOCTOR
Knocks on the noggin BOPS
Clues Answers
Make embarrassed ABASH
Member of a pit crew? OBOE
Morsels for mares OATS
Mortar bearer HOD
Move a little at a time INCH
Much/much separator TOO
Musical group BAND
New York tickertape honorees of 1986 METS
On guard ALERT
One of the Netherlands Antilles ARUBA
Opens, in a way UNCLASPS
Operate RUN
Opposite of WSW ENE
Part of a microscope LENS
Pop out of a can SODA
Post-it messages NOTES
Powerful current WHIRLPOOL
Recited fluently REELEDOFF
Reflected sound ECHO
Reverse course TURNAROUND
Royal bailiwick EARLDOM
Salk's conquest POLIO
Saltwater fishes PORGIES
Small fruit pie TART
Star of changing brightness NOVA
Stores in the country? ENSILES
Tiny source of energy ATOM
To no ___ (unsuccessfully) AVAIL
To the point that UNTIL
Togo capital LOME
Trees used for archery bows YEWS
UN peace agcy UNESCO
Utter a loud, harsh cry YAWP
Vaulted recesses of churches APSES
Wavy lines, to Garfield ODOR
Wife who survived Henry VIII PARR
Word with "head" or "heart" ACHE