Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 9 2013

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Clues Answers
'Children should be -- ...' SEEN
'Family Guy' daughter MEG
'See ya' BYE
-- a soul (nobody) NARY
2007 Steve Carell movie EVANALMIGHTY
2010 Steve Carell movie DESPICABLEME
Actress Sorvino MIRA
Ad -- LIB
Affirmative YES
Allow LET
Almond or cashew NUT
Before ERE
Body powder TALC
Cattle, old style KINE
Chum PAL
Church section NAVE
Classroom surprise QUIZ
Commotion ADO
Criminal pseudonym ALIAS
Drench WET
Eggs OVA
Enter cyberspace LOGON
Entree wrapped in seaweed SUSHI
Express gratitude THANK
Female hog SOW
Footnote abbr IBID
Fresh NEW
Grow wearisome PALL
Help in an underhanded way ABET
Hodgepodge OLIO
Inhabitant DENIZEN
Clues Answers
Jewish month ELUL
Knitting need YARN
Leading man? ADAM
Leave out OMIT
Manhandle PAW
Marathon fraction MILE
Microwave ZAP
Moby-Dick's pursuer AHAB
Nincompoop DOPE
Not working IDLE
Ostrich's cousin EMU
People of Baghdad IRAQIS
Platter DISC
Plot-twist giveaway SPOILER
Put into words SAY
Rapper/actor -- Def MOS
Rhone city LYON
River barrier DAM
Salary PAY
Scepter ROD
Siamese, now THAI
Son of 56-Across ABEL
Space GAP
Stare GAZE
Subsequently THEN
U.S. soldiers GIS
Wander GAD
Withered SERE
Without an escort STAG
Work with USE
Work-bench attachment VISE
Worldwide GLOBAL
Yank TUG