L.A. Times Daily - Sep 8 2013

Clues Answers
"I don't give __!" ADARN
"Let's talk outside" NOTHERE
"Pretty please?" CANWE
"The Naked Ape" author Desmond MORRIS
"This can't be happening!" OHNO
"Would __ to you?" ILIE
"Yeah, right" IBET
"Yummy!" DELISH
1 for H and 2 for He, e.g ATNOS
190-member enforcement group INTERPOL
1984 Vardon Trophy winner Calvin PEETE
7, on old phones PRS
86,400 seconds DAY
A, in Arles UNE
Absorb the hit, financially EATIT
Approval ASSENT
Bare minimum LEAST
Baseball VIPs GMS
Bastille Day saison ETE
Beginning ONSET
Belligerent headliner? SHOUTINGSTAR
Big toe, often? GOUTJOINT
Black colors, in poetry EBONS
Blasts from the past ATESTS
Boarding hr. determinants ETDS
Brinker on skates HANS
Called a strike, say UMPED
Came up AROSE
Campaign oratory? POLITICALSPOUT
Competed in the Tour de France CYCLED
Cookout site PATIO
Copywriters' awards CLIOS
Corker BEAUT
Daydreaming, with "out" ZONED
Developer of the one-named "Jeopardy!" contestant Watson IBM
Didn't come unglued HELD
Dingo prey EMU
Disney chairman during the Lucasfilm acquisition IGER
Displeasure over a split? BOWLINGPOUT
EMT's training CPR
Feather: Pref PTER
Fight over a washing machine? LAUNDRYBOUT
Flashy accessories BLING
Flat figure RENTER
France's westernmost city BREST
Gamboling spot LEA
Garden feature PATH
Gather around ENCIRCLE
Good things PLUSES
Hi-__ monitor RES
High mountain ALP
Hitting the books STUDIOUS
Home of BMW GER
Indian nobles RAJAS
Italian who pulled a lot of strings AMATI
IV monitors RNS
Jacques ou Pierre NOM
Largest OH airport CLE
Latte option MOCHA
Letter-shaped track TSLOT
Light gas NEON
Like most plumbing INDOOR
Lofty capital LHASA
Magic home ORLANDO
Magical opening ABRA
Manning of the NFL ELI
Many a student's need LOAN
Clues Answers
MBA subject ECON
Memory Muse MNEME
MGM motto word ARS
MIT part: Abbr INST
More than like ADORE
Nashville awards gp CMA
New Orleans cuisine CREOLE
Nikon competitor LEICA
Not slouching ERECT
Oceanfront invigorator SEAAIR
One before dix NEUF
One thing editors look for ERRORS
One-named New Ager YANNI
Oranges and lemons CITRUS
Out of the country ABROAD
Pacific salmon COHO
Partner of Martin LEWIS
Passes along, as a good joke RETELLS
Patiently do tough tile work? GROUTANDBEARIT
Pennsylvania's resort area, with "the" POCONOS
Play part ACT
Player in 24 All-Star Games MAYS
Poetry Out Loud contest co-creator: Abbr NEA
Point of writing? NIB
Popular small plane CESSNA
Popular tablet IPAD
Prefix with Japanese SINO
Prefix with meter ODO
Prince William's alma mater ETON
Public display SCENE
Pulls in EARNS
Puzzle solver's smudges ERASURES
Rand McNally offering MAP
Request to pull over, maybe SIREN
Response on the stand IDO
Reward for sitting, maybe TREAT
Rice-__ ARONI
Roman moon deity LUNA
Shaving cream additive LANOLIN
Significant times ERAS
Signs of fullness, briefly SROS
Since, in a nostalgic song SYNE
Skimpy skirts MINIS
Snore, maybe ROUSER
Spain's longest river EBRO
Spanish folk hero ELCID
Spongy toy brand NERF
Spread generously SMEAR
Stats often in APBs HGTS
Subway hangers STRAPS
Surprises in bottles GENII
Syst. for talking without speaking ASL
Tears up CRIES
They're often pickled SOUSES
Traveler's stop MOTORINN
Type-A concern STRESS
Use __ lose .. ITOR
Vishnu worshiper HINDU
Weather forecast number HIGH
What Army recruiters do? TOUTSOLDIERS
Where streets meet CROSSING
Whirling toon TAZ
Whom the angels name in "The Raven" LENORE
Winter Games gp IOC
Winter setting at Mt. Snow EST
Woodcutters' tools HANDSAWS
WWII marine attacker EBOAT
__ Moines DES
__ Tin Tin RIN