The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,042 - Sep 2 2013

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Clues Answers
A hole in ten, unusually high EMINENT
An Arab country girl rings the doctor up JORDAN
Atrophied form of a love goddess APHRODITE
Call for peace and quiet ORDER
Check votes again in detail RECOUNT
Coming back into office to stop report REINSTATEMENT
Conventional fare? DIET
Disapprove? Blow it! RASPBERRY
Ecological group plant northern vegetable in a Mediterranean country GREENPEACE
Ends with last of the whisky, somewhat drunk TIPSY
Get ready and shave beforehand? PREPARE
Good man consumed by power STATE
High-powered firm STRONG
Hire purchase includes a way to get this type of car HARDTOP
Lover needing capital to acquire ring ROMEO
Clues Answers
Never coming to a vital conclusion UNDYING
On Wren moved to find fame RENOWN
One mill in ruins is a bad sign ILLOMEN
Oysters developing at different levels STOREYS
Perhaps he's right to gamble and drink SHERBET
Quiet, on edge and rather demure PRIM
Rashness and cheek? That's about right IMPRUDENCE
Sarcastic driver on course put in charge IRONIC
Signed up in preparat­ion for match ENGAGED
Stamps to commemorate Prince George's birth? NEWISSUE
Turn up with a six-footer as escort ATTENDANT
Urge boss to obtain security device PRESSSTUD
Vain, yet possibly displaying innocence NAIVETY
Where members of society may meet CLUBROOM