L.A. Times Daily - Aug 31 2013

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Clues Answers
"That's the pot calling the kettle black!" YOUREONETOTALK
"Why, then, __ soldier drink!": Iago LETA
'33 Chicago World's Fair puppeteer SARG
5, spelled out? MAY
Alberto VO5 rival PRELL
Ancient Syrian HITTITE
Author Paretsky and others SARAS
Beauty spots? UTOPIAS
Brogan classification EEE
Cat's batter PAW
Confucian path TAO
Crème de __ CACAO
Currency printed on only one side MONOPOLYMONEY
Defeat LICK
Disrespected outwardly SASSED
Fauvist painter Dufy RAOUL
First golfer to win the U.S., British and Canadian Opens in the same year TREVINO
Green opening HOLE
High __ TEA
Hits the dirt? SCRUBS
Home of the Czech Republic's Supreme Court BRNO
Hose holder REEL
Humble oneself EATDIRT
Humidor item ROBUSTO
Indoor football name NERF
Island entertainment UKE
Like amaranth flowers, in myth ETERNAL
Like many consonants LINGUAL
London arena that Pelé dubbed "the cathedral of football" WEMBLEYSTADIUM
Magazine in which "The Thin Man" first appeared REDBOOK
March alternative SITIN
Mars, for one ORB
Masonry finish STUCCO
Clues Answers
Mdse GDS
Mediterranean island, to locals MENORCA
More likely to win the bakeoff, maybe MOISTER
Name on "The Name of the Rose" UMBERTO
Old Beta rival VHS
Old language that gives us "berserk" NORSE
One-named singer/songwriter of the 1970 Woodstock-inspired hit "Lay Down" MELANIE
Overly sentimental TREACLY
Pair commemorated on North Carolina's state quarter WRIGHTS
Pamplona runners TOROS
Paraphrase REWORD
Pi follower RHO
Pi preceder? OCTO
Places to see a lot of spirits BARS
Poet translated by Longfellow DANTE
Prepared to fire TOOKAIM
Put on a happy face GRIN
Rayed bloom ASTER
Safe-deposit box document TITLE
Second to none ONTOP
Side effect of a bike helmet HATHAIR
Sightseers can be seen on one TOURBUS
Smartphone component, for short CPU
Soothes, in a way SINGSTO
Spade-shaped reef swimmer BATFISH
Spoke like an uninspired lecturer INTONED
Spot in a casino PIP
Tendon attachment? ITIS
Throw CAST
Tool for hackers MACHETE
Una __: using the soft pedal CORDA
Window in many loft conversions DORMER