New York Times - Aug 30 2013

Clues Answers
'Keep dreaming!' ASIF
'Two, three, four' lead-in HUP
458 Spider and F12 Berlinetta FERRARIS
Actor Burton LEVAR
Alternative to a breakfast burrito HUEVOSRANCHEROS
Big name in car monitors ONSTAR
Big source for modern slang URBANDICTIONARY
Brandy letters VSO
Case builders: Abbr ATTS
Certain league divisions EASTS
Colorful cover-ups SERAPES
Comcast Center hoopster TERP
Competitor of Lauren and Klein BEENE
Control tower info ETAS
Copy from a CD RIP
Definitely FORSURE
Emulates Homer PAINTS
Female adviser EGERIA
First female candidate to win the Ames Straw Poll MICHELEBACHMANN
First name in footwear THOM
Folman who directed the 2013 film 'The Congress' ARI
Forerunners of discs TAPES
Formula one? NEONATE
Give some space, say LEAVEBE
Grilling test ORAL
Ill-humored BILIOUS
It airs in the morning, ironically THELATELATESHOW
Its adherents are in disbelief ATHEISM
Kind of cross TAU
Knocks off HALTS
Like some lovers' hearts AFLUTTER
Misses abroad: Abbr SRTAS
Clues Answers
Modern mouse hole? USBPORT
MS-DOS component: Abbr SYS
Neighbor of Victoria: Abbr NSW
Newborn abroad BEBE
Norwegian Star port of call ACAPULCO
Numerical prefix NONA
Odysseus, e.g ITHACAN
Old oscilloscope part, briefly CRT
Org. created right after the cold war CIS
Org. with a clenched fist logo SDS
Overseas relig. title STE
Part of Queen Elizabeth's makeup? ZED
Player of the bad teacher in 'Bad Teacher' DIAZ
Possible rank indicator EPAULET
Production ADO
Puck and others SPRITES
Re-serve judgment? LET
Rear CAN
Red Cloud, e.g SIOUX
Ring bearer, maybe TOE
She may be fawning DOE
Show featuring special agents NCIS
Some critical comments from co-workers PEERASSESSMENTS
Some exact likenesses XEROXES
Strikes XESOUT
They may be returned with regrets: Abbr MSS
Top kick, for one: Abbr NCO
Turns over in one's plot? HOES
Understood SEEN
Was reflective MUSED
Word after a splat OOPS
Yellowstone setting: Abbr MST
___ Hedin, discoverer of the Trans-Himalaya SVEN