- Aug 29 2013

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Clues Answers
''Get yer hands off!'' LEGGO
''Hooray for me!'' TADA
''That's gross!'' EWW
''To a'' poem ODE
''Vamoose!'' SCAT
'60s nonconformist HIPPIE
'Hood greeting YODUDE
2001-2009 cabinet member Chao ELAINE
Abysmal LOUSY
Acknowledge NOTE
Adolescent TEENAGED
Air-circulation aid CEILINGFAN
Artificial bait LURES
Boudoir attire TEDDY
Clog-clearing company ROTOROOTER
Columbia Pictures owner SONY
Comics bark ARF
Commandments recipient MOSES
Dorian Gray creator WILDE
Exasperates IRKS
Face, slangily PUSS
Favoritism BIAS
For all to hear ALOUD
Fort __, Ontario ERIE
Get-go ONSET
Gold-reserves fort KNOX
Good pooch for kids BASSETHOUND
Half-__ (coffee mix) CAF
Handed-down tales LORE
Happens by DROPSIN
Highest sundial numeral XII
Hit hard, as brakes SLAMON
In the thick of AMID
Junction point NODE
Legal guarantees: Abbr RTS
Literature Nobelist Neruda PABLO
Little chaps LADS
Luggage-inspecting agcy TSA
Lunchtime cheese partner MAC
Clues Answers
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Most essential CORE
On its way SENT
Pianist's pace TEMPO
Ping-Pong surface TABLETOP
Polygraph detections LIES
Poorly ILL
Prettify DOUP
Put up a fuss PROTEST
Racehorses yet to win MAIDENS
Recurring theme MOTIF
Recycler's unit TON
Relatively new RECENT
Rosebush pest APHID
Sage saying MAXIM
Science-course parts LABS
Seaplane part PONTOON
Service animal DOG
Small band TRIO
Software flaw COMPUTERBUG
Some sodas COLAS
Something extra ADDON
Stein fillers ALES
Street sign abbr AVE
Strong adhesive EPOXY
Suffix for ballad EER
Taboo thing NONO
Teaser ad PROMO
The Clintons, circa 1971 ELIS
Tight-lipped MUM
Tower of London neighbor THAMES
Tried to win over WOOED
Undivided ONE
Verges on NEARS
Walled city of Spain AVILA
Well-rehearsed PAT
Wine bottle datum YEAR
Zodiac beast ARIES