New York Times - Aug 27 2013

Clues Answers
'All ___ are off!' BETS
'Bonanza' brother HOSS
'Bye now' CIAO
'Dear' advice-giver ABBY
'Dies ___' (hymn) IRAE
1982 Fleetwood Mac hit whose title is sung three times after 'Come on and' HOLDME
Admittance ENTRY
Altar constellation ARA
Ancient Andean INCA
Angry, with 'off' TEED
Annual tennis tournament played on clay FRENCHOPEN
Aromatherapy purchase BATHOIL
Article of faith TENET
At sea LOST
Began to smoke LITUP
Behind the scenes BACKSTAGE
Bowlful for Bowser ALPO
Breach GAP
Bucket of bolts HEAP
Carve in stone ETCH
Cheap booze ROTGUT
Children's game in which players 'knuckle down' MARBLES
Chowder ingredient CLAM
Claptrap BOSH
Coquettish COY
Coupe, e.g. ... or a hint to 17- and 64-Across and 11- and 34-Down TWODOOR
Dig, so to speak ADORE
Digging INTO
Do without FORGO
Dog on TV's 'Topper' NEIL
Expert ACE
Extra-powerful engine TURBO
Eye parts UVEAS
Fainting fits, e.g SPELLS
Faux pas GAFFE
Feeling down BLUE
Flings CASTS
Forbidding, as an expression DOUR
Clues Answers
Give one's word ASSURE
Go fish ANGLE
Goes on and on and on YAPS
Grinders MOLARS
Hacienda room SALA
Hägar the Horrible's dog SNERT
Happening with lots of laughs HOOT
How many times Laurence Olivier won a Best Actor Oscar ONCE
Kennel sound ARF
Kind of doll VOODOO
Lowlife SCUM
M.I.T. grad, often: Abbr ENGR
Manage GETBY
McEntire of country REBA
Meara of comedy ANNE
Melancholy GLOOM
Metaphor for a sharp mind STEELTRAP
More than elbow SHOVE
Mormon Church inits LDS
Mr. ___ (Peter Lorre role) MOTO
Noted bankruptcy of 2001 ENRON
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Pricey watch ROLEX
Product of colliding weather systems STORMFRONT
Really enjoys EATSUP
Rustic accommodations LODGES
Sitter's headache BRAT
Slow, musically LENTO
Sullen sort MOPER
Switch from amateur status GOPRO
Teen follower AGER
Thanksgiving dish YAMS
Tolkien creature ENT
Usual figure NORM
Vowel sound represented by an upside-down 'e' SCHWA
Weenie NERD
What some strummers strum, informally UKES