USA Today - Aug 26 2013

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Clues Answers
"All in the Family" prop ARMCHAIR
"And they're ___!" (racetrack cry) OFF
"Daniel Boone" actor Ed AMES
"Say what?" HUH
"Status" follower SYMBOL
"___ Joey" (Frank Sinatra film) PAL
"___ the Way" (Sinatra standard) ALL
10W-40 and 20W-50 OILS
23rd Greek letter PSI
A Kennedy sister EUNICE
Actress Ekberg ANITA
Adapted to dry climates XERIC
Airborne pest GNAT
Allies' antitheses ENEMIES
Answered an alarm WOKE
Antlered ruminants ELK
Apprehend, as a perpetrator NAB
Asset on the street SMARTS
Attendance fig., often EST
Band around a sleeve ARMLET
Become less stressed (with "out") MELLOW
Become ragged at the edges FRAY
Bereft of rain ARID
Big-eyed and giving a hoot OWLY
Botanical anchor ROOT
Casual Friday castoff TIE
Caustic soda LYE
Certain gasket ORING
Common activity among high school students TEXTMESSAGING
Consumers USERS
Cozy spot NEST
Cuban dances (var.) RHUMBAS
Dark dye ingredient COALTAR
Demolition stuff TNT
Detectives hear a lot of them ALIBIS
Diagonal line SLASH
Emphasize STRESS
Faction SECT
Fasten together, as papers STAPLE
Clues Answers
Fill beyond full SATE
Fulfillment of a burning desire? ARSON
Heroes' exploits GESTS
Highest points ACMES
However BUT
Immature salamanders EFTS
Introduction PROEM
It eats spam EMAILFILTER
Item in a mad scientist's lab TESTTUBE
Just Plains folks? OSAGES
Linking verbs COPULAS
Looked for the mother lode MINED
Make "it," in a game TAG
Mouse's place? PAD
Nest egg option, briefly IRA
Not tough at all LAX
Oft-seeded bread RYE
Old document senders FAXMACHINES
Pen points NIBS
Play part ACT
Plumbing pipe with a right angle ELL
Runs, as a color BLEEDS
Seesaw quorum TWO
Sharp-toothed swimmers MORAYS
Sound of deflation? SSS
Spelling in some TV credits TORI
Spiritual intermediary SHAMAN
Substance used to curdle milk RENNET
They connect to tibiae TARSI
They're unbeatable in war? ACES
Three cheers recipient HERO
Tropical vine LIANA
Two-year-old TOT
Type of tangelo UGLI
Uncle's better half AUNT
Word with "human" or "Mother" NATURE
Wrangler competitor LEE
Write-___ (some nominees) INS
___ Alamitos, Calif LOS