Universal - Aug 23 2013

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Clues Answers
"A Death in the Family" author AGEE
"Muy ___" BIEN
A brother of Abel SETH
As I'm showing you THUS
Assign, as a portion ALLOT
Became competent (with "of") GOTTHEHANG
Big bunch SLEW
Bladed propeller OAR
Buttonless shirts, informally TEES
By means of VIA
Cause to topple over UPEND
Change from liquid to gas BOIL
Charlie of the Rolling Stones WATTS
Chief monk ABBOT
Corporate combination MERGER
Croquet venue LAWN
Deli meat HAM
Dinner spread OLEO
Droop, as flowers WILT
Eagle's descent SWOOP
Edible seaweed ULVA
Equestrian RIDER
Fable writer AESOP
Fat-nosed antelope SAIGA
FDR affliction POLIO
Feature of some country singers NASALTWANG
First word of many fairy tales ONCE
Flying WWII notables RAF
Fruits of the blackthorn SLOES
Game for the wannabe lucky LOTTO
Genesis patriarch NOAH
Get a handle on GRIP
Goes on to say ADDS
Heading on Santa's list NICE
Ignores intentionally SNUBS
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
It may accompany waves on a Hawaiian beach ALOHA
It's high in Peru ALTO
Clues Answers
Kind of presidential dinner STATE
Large lemur INDRI
Lash mark WELT
Marching order HALT
Miscellany OLIO
Monk's head covering COWL
Name of a certain theory THEBIGBANG
Nest builder in the eaves WASP
Old-timey contraction TWAS
Part of Batman's ensemble CAPE
Pinball foul TILT
Place to seek sanctuary HAVEN
Planets and stars SPHERES
Prearrange, as a boxing match RIG
Relating to the mind MENTAL
Reputation tarnisher BLOT
Roofer's load SHINGLES
Sashay STRUT
Small bottle that contains a drug PHIAL
Smooth, as seas CALM
Some don't open it before its time WINE
Some rodeo participants COWGIRLS
Some undercover cops NARCS
Songstress Fitzgerald ELLA
Spelling of "Beverly Hills, 90210" TORI
Squalid neighborhood SLUM
Stray from the norm DEVIATE
Tattered, as an old sweater MOTHEATEN
Thing that may be streamed SONG
Ticket dodgers SCOFFLAWS
Top-of-the-line AONE
Venomous snake weapon POISONFANG
Volcanic discharge LAVA
Water-dwelling rodent NUTRIA
When repeated, a Washington city WALLA
Zen Buddhist's enlightenment SATORI
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___ de Cologne EAU