New York Times - Aug 21 2013

Clues Answers
'Cute' sound LONGU
'Fore ERE
'Star Trek' character who says 'Aye' a lot SCOTTY
'___ the seventh day ...' ANDON
30 Rock's architectural style DECO
Aim high ASPIRE
Alpine land AUSTRIA
Analogy words ISTO
Assault weapon named for its designer UZI
Browses, in a way SURFS
Chem. or biol SCI
Company that once owned the trademark 'Escalator' OTIS
Component of brass ZINC
Cork's locale EIRE
Defeats regularly, in slang OWNS
Do superbly on ACE
Failing inspection, say UNSAFE
Female mil. unit created 5/15/42 WAAC
Fishing rod, flies, lures, etc GEAR
Floating NATANT
Flying Cloud of old autodom REO
Headed for sudden death, perhaps INATIE
Irrefutable TRUE
Island with Yokohama Bay OAHU
Laps against WASHES
Last figure on an invoice NET
Like a patient person's attitude WAITANDSEE
Like many presentations ORAL
Member of la familia TIA
Mideast monarchy SULTANATEOFOMAN
Minor complaint NIT
Model Carangi GIA
Modernist's prefix NEO
Month in l'été AOUT
Muscular strength SINEW
Negro leagues star Buck ___ ONEIL
Not corroborated UNATTESTED
Nursing school subj ANAT
Clues Answers
One of almost 20 French kings LOUIS
Passion ARDOR
Place to wallow in mud STY
Post-apartheid ruling org ANC
Progeny SEED
Purchase from Pat Sajak ANI
Quick ballroom dance CHACHA
Rash feeling? ITCH
Relating to the calf SURAL
Rooney ___, star of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' MARA
Scanners, webcams, etc ADDONS
Sci-fi author Ellison HARLAN
See 61-Down LINES
Shocked, in a way TASED
Shoe part TOE
Short, in a way OWING
Some 'Hair' hairdos AFROS
Some pickups GMCS
Statements in a legal case FACTA
Stray from the subject GOOFFONATANGENT
Super ___ (old game console) NES
Swipe, as a purse SNATCH
Take the top off of, in a way UNHAT
Term of address for a 2-Down SENORA
Testimony spot STAND
Tolkien creature ENT
Tower over DWARF
Toys known as Action Men in the U.K GIJOES
Vane dir SSW
Where Duff Beer is poured MOES
Where some ex-major-leaguers play JAPAN
With 69-Across, beach markings ... 14 of which are hidden vertically and horizontally elsewhere in this puzzle TAN
Words of compassion ICARE
___ a one NARY
___ Plaines, Ill DES
___ Sea (now-divided waters) ARAL
___ Taylor (clothing retailer) ANN