- Aug 14 2013

Clues Answers
''Nova'' network PBS
''Pet'' that holds a plant CHIA
''The Bachelor'' airer ABC
''The Eternal City'' ROME
''The Lion in Winter'' actor OTOOLE
''Tuesdays with __'' (Albom book) MORRIE
''Where the Wild Things Are'' author SENDAK
''You're doing it all wrong!'' NONONO
Aegean, for instance SEA
Affirmative vote YEA
Aquarium performer DOLPHIN
Arboreal marsupial KOALA
ATM maker NCR
Attorney's volunteering PROBONOWORK
Barely manage EKEOUT
Baton Rouge univ LSU
Bed with bumpers CRIB
Came to WOKE
Capital of Bolivia SUCRE
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Caribbean music SKA
Censor's deletions BLEEPS
Certain lodge member ELK
Chowed down ATE
Climb up ASCEND
Coins in Cannes EUROS
Con game SCAM
Danger PERIL
Duplicated CLONED
Float in the air HOVER
Frozen waffle name EGGO
Health care facility CLINIC
Heaviest inert gas RADON
Heredity factor GENE
Infant born early PREMIE
Insist on DEMAND
Instrument that's beaten DRUM
Clues Answers
Internet fads MEMES
Judge to be DEEM
Kid's building block LEGO
Legal wrong TORT
Lord's Prayer starter OUR
Madame Curie MARIE
Mauna __ LOA
Molecule part ATOM
Night school subj ESL
Nike competitor ADIDAS
Nocturnal flier BAT
Old college cheer RAH
Online expression of disbelief OMG
Paintball shooter GUN
Partner of ends ODDS
Poet from ancient 1 Across OVID
Political alliances BLOCS
Publicity, so to speak INK
Pulpit orator PREACHER
Rode the rapids, maybe RAFTED
Roost dweller HEN
Roster LIST
Rug rat TOT
Rumples, as hair MUSSES
Sculpted figure TORSO
Self-importance EGO
Stand up ARISE
Sweetie HON
That lady SHE
Traffic trouble GRIDLOCK
Transgression SIN
Trusts in BANKSON
Utopia EDEN
Very long time AGES
Volatile liquid NITRO
Walk heavily STOMP
Yale student ELI
Young fellow SONNY