L.A. Times Daily - Aug 12 2013

Clues Answers
"Amazing" magician RANDI
"Eye of __ ...": "Macbeth" NEWT
"M*A*S*H" character who hears choppers before anyone else RADAR
"Vincent" singer/songwriter Don MCLEAN
'50s high school dance HOP
*Auto wreck extraction tool JAWSOFLIFE
*Inappropriately used therapeutic jargon PSYCHOBABBLE
*Princess Leia portrayer CARRIEFISHER
*Was on the same page as SAWEYETOEYEWITH
At hand NEAR
Attire GARB
Author Uris LEON
Blacken on the grill CHAR
Blunt-tipped weapon EPEE
Casual assents YEAHS
Chicago paper, briefly TRIB
Children's book author Blyton ENID
Converse of "divided by" INTO
Cop's conjecture HUNCH
Court prosecutors, briefly DAS
Cut into tiny pieces MINCE
Deputized group on horseback POSSE
Did a farrier's job SHOD
Directional ending ERN
Dress at a ball GOWN
Dueler's cry ENGARDE
Enemy FOE
Family car SEDAN
Fertility clinic cells OVA
Flair ELAN
Fred and Wilma's pet DINO
German autos OPELS
Germany's __ von Bismarck OTTO
Gives a heads-up ALERTS
Gossip spreader YENTA
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hajji's destination MECCA
Hawaiian dance HULA
Clues Answers
If-then-__: programmer's sequence ELSE
In large amounts GALORE
Indian monarch RAJA
Jan. and Feb MOS
Like some pizza CHEESY
Line on a weather map ISOBAR
Locales AREAS
Makes a boo-boo ERRS
Monopolize HOG
Nativity scene trio MAGI
NYC dance troupe ABT
On the calm side, at sea ALEE
Pacific kingdom called the Friendly Islands TONGA
Palindromic fool BOOB
Pizza chain SBARRO
Rocker Cooper ALICE
Sales pitch SPIEL
Scary showing, and the first word of each answer to a starred clue HORRORFILM
Shallow crossing FORD
Shore restaurant specialty SEAFOOD
Soldier of fortune, briefly MERC
Spanish river EBRO
Spelling event BEE
Spirited horse ARAB
Suspect's "I was home asleep," e.g ALIBI
Swanky parties DOS
Texas's El __ PASO
Therefore ERGO
Totally unlike a muscleman PUNY
Trigonometry ratio SINE
Trim, as expenses PARE
Violent rage FURY
Walking stick CANE
Whistle-blower in a striped shirt REF
Wilma, to Fred WIFE
Words with date or precedent SETA
__ and done with OVER
__ legs: rear pair HIND
__-ski APRES