L.A. Times Daily - Aug 10 2013

Clues Answers
"I cast to earth __ ...": Tennyson ASEED
"Sons of Anarchy" co-star Katey SAGAL
"Tepper __ Going Out": Calvin Trillin novel ISNT
"That's a touchy subject" DONTEVENGOTHERE
"The Joys of Yiddish" author Leo ROSTEN
"Well, it sure beats me" OHIDUNNO
"Where?" SHOWME
'60s counterculture substance LSD
100 years or more, for a giant tortoise LIFESPAN
Alert on the road HONKAT
Anatolian metropolis ANKARA
Assume battle stations STANDTO
Ball game official SCORER
Brand with Ultra Leakguards LUVS
Bump on a log NODE
Charming people? HEXERS
Church porch ANTENAVE
Coastal resident SEASIDER
Conveyed by pipes, as heat DUCTED
End of the block? ADE
Fare reductions? DIETS
Finishes, as a cartoon INKSIN
French cartoonist Daumier HONORE
Froth makers WHISKS
Have a go at TESTOUT
Hurly-burly BEDLAM
Joy, for one EMOTION
Largely factual entertainment genre DOCUDRAMA
Like klaxons in action ABLARE
Little redhead on vintage TV OPIE
Lures with music TWEEDLES
Makes too many wrong turns, maybe GETSLOST
Clues Answers
Maven GURU
Mil. honor DSM
Moors at a dock WHARFS
Moreover AND
Not as nice MEANER
Not finalized, in law NISI
Occasional presentations? GIFTS
Old timers? SUNDIALS
One may be imaginary FRIEND
One who can hold her own NOSLOUCH
One-named writer of "Under Two Flags" OUIDA
Parisian peer DUC
Parkay, to butter ANALOGUE
Passe copier MIMEO
Penguins' footwear SKATES
Propose for an office NOMINATE
River that rises in the Vogesen Mountains SAAR
Road animal? HOG
Small deer ROES
The Bitterroot Range runs along its E. border IDA
Theater group AUDIENCE
Tolstoy heroine KARENINA
Touchy, as a subject SENSITIVE
Utterly senseless INSANE
Weapons suppliers ARMERS
Woman's name derived from an Old Norse word for "holy" HELGA
Yankees rival REDSOX
__ fever: tween "malady" BIEBER
__ Razberi: flavored vodka STOLI