USA Today - Aug 6 2013

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Clues Answers
"Arrivederci ___" ROMA
"Candle in the Wind" composer John ELTON
"Cogito ___ sum" ERGO
"Drive" for many cars FRONTWHEEL
"I'd advise against it" DONT
"Triple dog" challenger DARER
"W" in the standings WIN
4,047 square meters ACRE
All the ___ (nevertheless) SAME
As a group ENBLOC
Bides one's time WAITS
Bit of back talk LIP
Camembert cousin BRIE
Cause of many yawns ENNUI
Century plant, e.g AGAVE
Certain yellow finch SERIN
Chowder tidbit CLAM
Computer operators USERS
Coquettish COY
Cordelia's pop LEAR
Cowhand's chow GRUB
Culture medium AGAR
Desert rattler SIDEWINDER
Eager, and then some AVID
Famous Strauss LEVI
Fancy needle case ETUI
Farewell, Italian-style CIAO
Fill to capacity SATE
Flush EVEN
Fops' props CANES
Game show sound DING
Graphical user interface feature ICON
Gulf war missile SCUD
Indian flatbread NAAN
International peacekeeping grp NATO
Island nation east of Fiji TONGA
Lackluster INSIPID
Clues Answers
Lavish with love ADORE
Length of office TERM
Let have it CHASTISE
Lifesaver, e.g HERO
Like some refrigerator-freezers SIDEBYSIDE
Lives for Garfield NINE
Love archer EROS
Man of wealth or influence NABOB
Map within a map INSET
Matinee hero IDOL
Medium-sized jazz group SEXTET
Mental inspiration IDEA
Milkweed secretion LATEX
Monthly fee RENT
Mother of pearl NACRE
One that's a bit controlling? REIN
Opera script LIBRETTO
Place for low-priority items BACKBURNER
Posh hotel accommodation SUITE
Pudding thickener SAGO
Puny piglet RUNT
Rainless ARID
Sea eagle variety ERNE
Second-person pronoun YOU
Shakes awake ROUSES
Splice film EDIT
Steam-room alternative SAUNA
Swashbuckling Flynn ERROL
Talk lovingly COO
Tofu source SOYBEAN
Toklas' partner STEIN
What an angler awaits NIBBLE
Word between two dogs? EAT
Word with "drop" or "jerker" TEAR
Work for a designer, maybe MODEL
Young bull CALF