USA Today - Aug 3 2013

Clues Answers
"The Gingham Dog and the ___ Cat" CALICO
"The Three ___ of Eve" FACES
"___ aboard!" ALL
"___ of Eden" EAST
"___ Tom, Dick or Harry" ANY
A million million TRILLION
Actor Gulager CLU
Actress Lena OLIN
Almost snowed SLEETED
Amorous stare OGLE
Caravanserai INN
Carbon black SOOT
Certain cavalrymen LANCERS
Charles or Bradbury RAY
China's chairman MAO
College maj ECON
Color changers DYES
Concepts of perfection IDEALS
CPR performer EMT
Created MADE
Daniel Shays led one REBELLION
Diamond gal LIL
Duroc's home STY
Electrical units VOLTS
Energy source COAL
English lavatory LOO
FedEx rival UPS
Fighting knife of old SNEE
First European to discover Tahiti WALLIS
Fred or Gracie ALLEN
Game of world conquest RISK
General Powell COLIN
Grant Wood locale IOWA
Guitarist Paul LES
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Homer Simpson's bar MOES
Illegal moves by CC Sabathia BALKS
Impresario Hurok SOL
In opposition, to Keats GAINST
Clues Answers
In the past AGO
Irish maid LASS
Jack Tars SALTS
Kind of stitch CABLE
Kitchen drudge SCULLION
Llama's cousin ALPACA
Lounge around LOLL
Maglie or Mineo SAL
Manhattan transport CAB
Measuring instruments GAUGES
Meat and vegetable stew RAGOUT
Middle word in a court case VERSUS
Miss., e.g RIV
No to Robert Burns NAE
Notre Dame coach Parseghian ARA
Panhandles BEGS
Part of IOU OWE
Pole follower? VAULT
Praise for the dead EULOGY
Rascal or rogue RAPSCALLION
Regiment part BATTALION
Relief pitcher McGraw TUG
Runs away FLEES
Russia, once USSR
Sagacious WISE
Set down LAID
Sign on a painting, sometimes NFS
Silk trees MIMOSAS
Start of a Salinger title RAISE
Stay behind REMAIN
Stephen Vincent or William Rose BENET
Stride PACE
Tonic's partner GIN
Transparent gemstone BERYL
Trinket GAUD
Up for the day ARISEN
What a bra does? UPLIFTS
What someone like Xantippe does NAGS
What the looker is next, presumably LEAPER
___ Quentin SAN