Irish Times (Crosaire) - Aug 2 2013

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Clues Answers
Address in Spain is so near doctor SENORA
Beastly carnage on way out of Dublin in Kildare ROADKILL
Beef ready to eat after golf GRIPE
Boxer and listener frowned upon in libraries DOGEAR
Carol behind old Irish leader getting up RISING
Did this in the old baths organising a few strokes? SWIMMING
Dirt covers Alpine country with nothing that's very well thought of MUCHLOVED
Don't do it for reward at party around loud music darling LABOUROFLOVE
Dreadful thorn with needle point NORTH
Fancy part of the tulip looked good on camera in the past FLASHBULB
Green light for the man in public relations with rodent GOPHER
Greet nice explosion of bubbly ENERGETIC
It may not leave much to the imagination to take me off mini-bike BIKINI
I¿m obsessed, as I can¿t get enough of me EGOMANIA
Clues Answers
Manager at works has what is ordinary RUNOFTHEMILL
Moves mountains perhaps for disputed island protecting French capital ROCKFALL
Neighbour's colours found under car behind guild UNIONJACK
Not out to quote from Kindle INCITE
Not suffering from vertigo in stable condition WELLBALANCED
Nothing for Clare and Anne, say, between continents OCEAN
Scaring away Tom in scam SCATTING
Single sock missing back end on line is something to do with geology ISOCLINE
Sounds from cote in church takes your sister back CHURRS
The French article produces Greek final solution to forgetting reality LETHE
There's precious metal for you in Cork flower club LEAGUE
Tweet as a result of barely surviving SQUEAKBY
Type of bird criminals recognised as bad news in the past BLACKCAP
Very much exposed to those taking seat with residents in Stephen's Green SITTINGDUCKS