- Jul 24 2013

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Clues Answers
''Fast cash'' sources: Abbr ATMS
''Let's go!'' CMON
''M*A*S*H'' procedure TRIAGE
''Toodle-oo'' TATA
''You don't __!'' SAY
100% ALL
AKC animals DOGS
Amalgamate UNITE
Austrian region TYROL
Build-it-yourself buy KIT
California ''castle'' builder HEARST
Carrie's ''Star Wars'' role LEIA
Chows down EATS
Compote fruit PEAR
Condo alternative COOP
Cuddle together SNUGGLE
Cut off SEVER
Cyclone center EYE
Deck cleaner MOP
Defeat decisively STOMP
Defy authority REBEL
Dollars and cents MONEY
Economist Smith ADAM
Editor's concern GENDERAGREEMENT
Exit one's cocoon EMERGE
Far-reaching view VISTA
Farm machine REAPER
Filly's mother MARE
Freely communicating ONSPEAKINGTERMS
Fudge the facts LIE
Gardener's bottles SPRAYS
Gorgonzola feature ODOR
Hemingway, to pals ERNIE
Hot and humid MUGGY
Idolize REVERE
LAX postings ETAS
Less polluted PURER
Lets up EASES
Like ''20 Questions'' questions YESNO
Clues Answers
Like karaoke tunes SUNG
Make a difference MATTER
Massage RUB
May race, familiarly INDY
Meditate on MUSE
Mental spark IDEA
Misspeaks, say ERRS
More jittery EDGIER
More modern NEWER
Mud-bath venues SPAS
Muddy up ROIL
Need a break TIRE
Nuptials response IDO
One at an audition ACTOR
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Paquin or Magnani ANNA
Parking-lot cookouts TAILGATEPARTIES
Pint-sized WEE
PlayStation maker SONY
Pleasant to look at PRETTY
Render harmless DISARM
Rich cake TORTE
Robe fabric TERRY
Roth plan, for short IRA
Running-track shape OVAL
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Shoe part TOE
Shyly modest DEMURE
Small couch SETTEE
Snooty look SNEER
Steer clear of AVOID
Stick around STAY
Summoned via loudspeaker PAGED
Tiny amount MITE
Tough to crack HARD
Up to, in ads TIL
Word on a penny ONE
Zigs or zags VEERS
__-friendly (''green'') ECO