New York Times - Jun 30 1998

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Clues Answers
'Friends, Romans, countrymen' orator ANTONY
'Not only that...' PLUS
'Pronto!' ASAP
'What's more...' AND
1941 Lillian Hellman play WATCHONTHERHINE
1955 merger AFLCIO
200-meter, e.g. RACE
50's-60's Mideast king SAUD
A lot of lot ACRE
About the line of rotation AXIAL
Actress Winslet KATE
After-dinner drink PORT
Anthony Burgess thriller, with 'A' CLOCKWORKORANGE
Arctic dweller LAPP
Aware of ONTO
Barely make, with 'out' EKE
Begged ASKED
Bewhiskered creature WALRUS
Big chunk of a drug company's budget RESEARCH
Big name in stationery EATON
Certain theater, for short REP
Combustible pile PYRE
Cowardly Lion portrayer LAHR
Cream ingredient ALOE
Cuneiform stroke WEDGE
Doomed FATED
Educ. or H.U.D., e.g. DEPT
Emperor in 'Quo Vadis?' NERO
Equal PEER
Et ___ ALII
Filly, e.g. FOAL
Film ___ NOIR
Foreign ALIEN
Golf's ___ Cup RYDER
Gulf ___ WAR
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Having a diamond-shaped pattern ARGYLE
Clues Answers
Helicopter pioneer Sikorsky IGOR
Hoof smoother RASP
Incenses ANGERS
Lui's partner ELLE
Menu offering DISH
Modern surveillance tool AWACS
N.C. State's athletic org. ACC
Nonplus STOP
Novelty singing feature FALSETTO
On the money EXACT
On the sheltered side ALEE
Onetime feminine ideal HOURGLASSFIGURE
Out-of-the-way place NOOK
Pixie ELF
Prepare to be knighted KNEEL
Primed READY
Provide RENDER
Release money BAIL
Ring cheer OLE
Same old, same old RUT
Shoemaker Thom MCAN
Showy flower IRIS
Song for Carmen ARIA
Sounded crowlike CAWED
Strait of Dover port CALAIS
Subsequently LATER
Suffering from insomnia AWAKE
Sun circler ASTEROID
Treaty signer ALLY
Uncaps OPENS
Wine sediment LEES
Witch HAG
Xenon, for one GAS
___ Park, N.J. MENLO