L.A. Times Daily - Jul 18 2013

Clues Answers
"Critique of Pure Reason" philosopher KANT
"Father of American Universalism" Hosea __ BALLOU
"I pass" NOBID
"Kidding!" NOT
"Mercy Mercy Me" singer GAYE
"The Spanish Tragedy" playwright Thomas KYD
"This means war!" ITSON
"__ wind, __ rain--__ golf!": Scottish adage NAE
"__ you clever!" ARENT
*"Press Your Luck" contestant's cry BIGMONEY
*Aid for the short? DEBTFORGIVENESS
*Glee club on "Glee" NEWDIRECTIONS
*What sputtering might indicate ENGINETROUBLE
Actress Blanchett CATE
Antibacterial brand LYSOL
Asian holiday TET
Ballyshannon's river ERNE
Betelgeuse's constellation ORION
Big Apple sch NYU
Big name in smooth jazz KENNYG
Brand for shooters KODAK
Bronx-to-Coney Island subway DTRAIN
Call for a pizza, say ORDEROUT
Card for tomorrow? TAROT
Carol beginning ADESTE
Chase Field team, on scoreboards ARI
Close way to fight TOETOTOE
Dash lengths ENS
Denounce DAMN
Diminish EBB
Dr.'s specialty ENT
Drive URGE
Enter hurriedly TEARIN
Half an S-curve ZAG
His __: big shot NIBS
Clues Answers
Honeymooner's island destination BORABORA
Ignore warnings, say ... and a hint to the last words of the answers to starred clues ASKFORIT
Immunity agents TCELLS
Israel's Barak EHUD
It deals with what's left WILL
Juice for Zeus NECTAR
K+, e.g ION
Kids' rides TRIKES
Kindle competitor NOOK
Lara of "Tomb Raider" CROFT
Longest-serving KGB chairman (1967-'82) ANDROPOV
Longish club FOURIRON
Lugubrious chime KNELL
Make fun of RAGON
Melville novel OMOO
Mex. miss SRTA
Morales of "Caprica" ESAI
Mystify ADDLE
Netherlands carrier KLM
Neutral paint choices ECRUS
Nippon noodle UDON
Not just centuries EONS
Plenty ALOT
Polishing agent EMERY
Sale abbr IRR
San __, Argentina ISIDRO
Shadow TAIL
They're not optional MUSTS
Tiger's concern BOGEY
Transistor's forerunner TRIODE
Urban planner's concern ZONING
Vermeer's "Girl With __ Hat" ARED
Wild guess STAB
__ Nui: Easter Island RAPA
__ polloi HOI