New York Times - Jul 7 2013

Clues Answers
'Freaky Friday' co-star LOHAN
'Go on ...' TELLME
'Love the Way You Lie' rapper EMINEM
'This might get ugly' UHOH
'Zip it!' SHUTUP
15-Across, in Spanish TORO
Adjust, as a satellite dish REAIM
An extremity TOE
Archaic verb suffix ETH
Asian wild ass ONAGER
Baby ___ BOOMER
Barely manages, with 'out' EKES
Battle of the ___, 1914 YSER
Bauxite, e.g ALUMINU
Belted out SUNG
Blog nuisances TROLLS
Cereal box title CAPN
Cheer for URGEON
Chowderhead BIGDUMMY
College near Philadelphia SWARTH
Combined INONE
Cry like a baby MEWL
Cussed MEAN
Dean Martin classic THATSA
Diamond wts KTS
Digs PAD
Entered violently BROKEINTO
Environmental extremists' acts ECOTAGE
Equivalence PARITY
Evolve ADAPT
Exiled character in 'King Lear' EDGAR
Extremity END
Fastener with two nuts UBOLT
Former Chevy subcompact AVEO
Front part of a chimera LION
Get ___ (fight) ITON
Glove material LATEX
Go after ASSAIL
God wounded by Diomedes in the 'Iliad' ARES
Grab, with 'onto' GLOM
Gray AGE
Gymnasium decorations BANNERS
Hall-of-___ FAMER
Headlines, as a band GOESLAST
Highway caution DIP
Hotel amenity POOL
How some N.F.L. games are resolved INOT
Important no. for car buyers MPG
Infomercial line ... with a hint to 10 answers in this puzzle BUTWAITTHERESMORE
It may purr or roar ENGINE
It's a lock YALE
It's known for its big busts MOUNTRUSH
It's not good when it's outstanding DEBT
It's uplifting BRA
John Belushi catchphrase BUTNO
Legend GIANT
Like a mischief-maker UPTONOGOOD
Lines on a staff EGBDF
Long rides? LIMOUSINES
Many an action movie villain TERRORIST
Clues Answers
Miner's aid LAMP
Miner's aid TRAM
Minimalist's philosophy LESSIS
Mythical con man LOKI
N.Y.C. tourist attraction MOMA
Neighbor of Dagwood, in the funnies ELMO
Neighbor of Somalia KENYA
Nonstandard: Abbr IRREG
Numerical prefix DECI
Old German duchy name SAXE
Oldest desert in the world NAMIB
One who doesn't give tough love, say ENABLER
Oscar feature subject since 2001 ANIMATION
Parrot APE
Philosopher Hannah ARENDT
Pitching awards CLIOS
Polite denial NOMAAM
Prankster CUTUP
Preacher's exhortation REPENT
Prefix with byte TERA
President who was not elected FILL
Provide with cornrows, e.g PLAIT
Question to a poker player INOROUT
Recharge, say REST
Repeat word for word ECHO
Retailer that sells grasshoppers as food PETCO
Second or tenth, in a way SOPHO
Sequel title starter SON
Sgt. Friday's force LAPD
Sign of pressure? ISOBAR
Siouan speaker OTO
Skipjacks and others TUNAS
Snack item that's round on both ends? OREO
Snowbird's vehicle, maybe MOTORHOME
Something punched into an A.T.M.: Abbr AMT
Spanish skating figure OCHO
Spell caster MAGE
Stick on the range? PROD
Suddenly smiled broadly LITUP
Sun spot? BALTI
Sunny? SOLAR
Synthetic fiber ORLON
Take the wrong way? ROB
The 'you' of 'Here's to you!' TOASTEE
The U.S. banned it in 1968 LSD
They're not on your side FOES
Tick off LIST
Toughen ENURE
Transform RESHAPE
Treat like a pharaoh? ENTOMB
Twinkle GLEAM
U.S.S. Ward, e.g DESTROYER
Used a keyhole, in a way PEERED
What the hyphen in an emoticon often represents NOSE
What the winged woman is holding in the Emmy statuette ATOM
What this puzzle may make you say AHA
What's not yet due? UNO
What's up? NORTH
Where the Code of Hammurabi is displayed LOUVRE
Where the Confederate flag was first flown: Abbr ALA
White rapper with two #1 hits MACKLE
Will-o'-the-wisp feature APOSTROPHE
Words of faux innocence WHOME
World's smallest island nation NAURU
Zodiac animal BULL
___ judicata (decided case) RES
___ McGarry, chief of staff on 'The West Wing' LEO