New York Times - Jul 5 2013

Clues Answers
$2 to $2,000, in Monopoly RENT
'Am ___ blame?' ITO
'Antony and Cleopatra' prop ASP
'Ghost' character Brown ODAMAE
'I Ching' figures HEXAGRAMS
'That ___ stupid!' ISSO
'The accuser of our brethren,' per Revelation SATAN
'___ ever!' DOI
1980s TV outfit THEATEAM
20th-century French leader COTY
Actor Hamm of 'Mad Men' JON
Addresses shrilly YAPSAT
Adds color to STAINS
Aid and abet: Abbr SYNS
Banned TABOO
Bend backward RECURVE
Blood-typing system ABO
Bonus, in ads XTRA
Bud of Nancy AMI
Coffee and fresh-baked cookies have them AROMAS
Condiment that can make your eyes water WASABI
Converses HASACHAT
Cornish knight of the Round Table TRISTAN
Date shown on the tablet of the Statue of Liberty JULYIVMDCCLXXVI
Digital imaging brand AGFA
Drum kit part HIHAT
Early invaders of Britain JUTES
Entry in an annual international sports competition since 1851 YACHT
Epithet for a computer whiz UBERGEEK
Euro dispenser BANCO
Fighters for Kenyan independence MAUMAU
Formed a junction MET
Former Colts arena RCADOME
French pronoun TOI
Freshwater predator GAR
Clues Answers
German possessive pronoun IHRE
Gypsy people ROMA
Holy Roman emperor known as 'the Red' OTTOII
Jet wing warning NOSTEP
Kind of pie SHOOFLY
Little dears ANGELS
Massachusetts governor ___ Patrick DEVAL
Middle school marks? ACNE
Monitor, for short CRT
Orange dwarf KSTAR
Oscar winner once named Sexiest Man Alive by People MATTDAMON
Pitching stat SAVE
Port vessel TUG
Preserves, perhaps JAM
Record label for the Miracles and Stevie Wonder TAMLA
Richard Gere title role DRT
Scale often used in a laboratory CELSIUS
Semester, e.g TERM
Shakes DTS
Shelter dug into a hillside ABRI
Situated near the middle line of the body MESIAL
Slow racer SNAIL
Snatches KIDNAPS
Sports bar feature PLASMATV
The working girl in 'Working Girl' TESS
Turner backers IKETTES
University of Cincinnati athlete BEARCAT
Utah's ___ Range WASATCH
What a blog provides SOAPBOX
When to wear a cocktail dress, traditionally AFTERSIX
Where to check for prints? ARTSALE
___ oil SUNTAN