New York Times - Jun 30 2013

Clues Answers
'Defending liberty, pursuing justice' org ABA
'Hoochie Coochie Man' singer MUDDYWATERS
'Toy Story 3' role for Michael Keaton KEN
'___ be a real shame ...' ITD
1/24 of un jour HEURE
1943 penny composition STEEL
1962 movie for which Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke won Oscars, with 'The' MIRACLEWORKER
72 in a six-pack, often: Abbr OZS
A Coen brother ETHAN
Actor Roberts ERIC
Adventurer of Greek myth ARGONAUT
Affix, in a way TIEON
Asset PLUS
Baghdad's ___ City SADR
Bang for one's buck MONEYSWORTH
Baseball's Slaughter ENOS
Beehive State native UTE
Biblical figure whose name means 'help' EZRA
Big gobbler TOM
Bimetallic Canadian coin TOONIE
Bird or fruit KIWI
Blissed out INECSTASY
Bon ___ MOT
Bridge spot CHASM
Canadian interjections EHS
Caramel candy brand ROLO
Carlo ___ wine ROSSI
Carpentry fastener TNUT
Catching ___ ONTO
Certain singers ALTI
Clairvoyant's hurdle ESPTEST
Coll. senior's exam GMAT
Collaborative Web site WIKI
Columbus's home GENOA
Compose WRITE
Crooked WRY
Dewar's product MALTWHISKEY
Dish that may be ladled STEW
Disobeyed orders, say WENTROGUE
Dome, e.g ROOF
Don Ho's instrument, informally UKE
Duplicitous TWOFACED
Endings of some courses ORALS
Eskimo boot MUKLUK
Euphemism used often on 'The Newlywed Game' MAKINGWHOOPEE
Euripides play MEDEA
First name in footwear THOM
Flummoxed ATSEA
Forced return? REPO
Four Holy Roman emperors OTTOS
Frank Sinatra's second AVA
Fundamentally ATHEART
Gang member's 'O.K.' before a job IMIN
Gave for a time LENTTO
Go kicking and screaming RESIST
Heads of a Northwest tribe? TOTEMPOLE
Hollywood legend Davis BETTE
In ___ (late, in law) ARREAR
Informal greetings HEYS
It has 31 días ENERO
It's worn by many Libras OPAL
Jazzed AMPED
Clues Answers
Joie de vivre ELAN
Language of Lahore URDU
Like a sighting of an ivory-billed woodpecker RARE
Like porn films TRIPLEX
Likewise TOO
Lowdown SEAMY
Magician's prop HAT
Many a person behind the Iron Curtain SLAV
Many S.A. women SRAS
Medieval museum exhibit ARMOR
Money raised by members of Congress? MINIMUMWAGE
Mornings, for short AMS
Most common elements MODES
Muckraker Tarbell IDA
Nick, maybe MAR
Noted mausoleum site AGRA
Onetime wrestling great ___ the Giant ANDRE
Opening words? SAYAH
Peruvian volcano El ___ MISTI
Piece longer than its name suggests MINUTEWALTZ
Purple Heart recipients, e.g HEROES
Racing vehicle TOBOGGAN
Seat of Dallas County, Ala SELMA
Second of a Latin trio AMAS
Secretary, e.g DESK
Seven-piece puzzles TANGRAMS
Shade of black SOOT
Shooting off more MOUTHIER
Sierra ___ LEONE
Some baby sitters AUNTIES
Some dinero PESOS
Some S.U.V.'s GMCS
Star quality GLAMOR
Still dripping? BOOZE
Stupefying AWING
Suffix with favor ITE
Target of 2006 United Nations sanctions IRAN
Terminal information GATE
The Superdome, e.g ARENA
The Three Stooges, e.g HAMS
They may be epic POEMS
They may be shot at basketball games TEESHIRTS
They're always done by one SOLOS
They're beside the point: Abbr CTS
Trouble ADO
Tut's relative TSK
West Point subject MODERNWARFARE
What whalers may bring back YARNS
Where 84-Across were invented CHINA
Where one might be in the hot seat? ROAST
Where one might be in the hot seat? STEAMBATH
Woman in Conan Doyle's 'A Scandal in Bohemia' ADLER
Women's Health competitor SHAPE
Word before and after 'Tovarich' in a 'Doctor Zhivago' number NYET
Writing on the Wall? POST
Year the iPod came out MMI
You may be shocked by it TASER
___ bar (Hershey product) HEATH
___ buddy BOSOM
___ de Pompadour (figure in Fr. history) MME
___ Franklin, Grammy-nominated gospel/R&B singer ERMA
___ Schwarz FAO
___ Selassie HAILE
___ Z ATO
___-length ANKLE