New York Times - Jun 23 2013

Clues Answers
#1 on the American Film Institute's 'Greatest Movie Musicals' list AGE
'Exactly right!' ARTHUR
'Really useful engine' of children's books SATAN
'Regrets' and others AWES
'Spamalot' writer Idle BIRDS
'What nonsense!' ELTON
1942 Cary Grant comedy ONCEUPONAHONEYMOON
1981 comedy or its 2011 remake THISTHATANDTHEOTHER
Award won by Alice Munro and Stephen King ORCAS
Baseball card stat GINGER
Basis of some ticket discounts BESTOWS
Besieger's bomb AXELS
Betraying nervousness, in a way ERIC
Breaking developments? TRIES
Caspian Sea feeder DETAIN
Catchy parts of pop songs PONCE
Checkpoint needs DUES
Classic name in crossword puzzles ENDOR
Coffee containers RBI
Comic strip about the Patterson family MANNA
Company of two? PARENS
Computer user's shortcut YEAR
Confers BALERS
Cool, in hip-hop slang DEF
Des ___, Iowa PAPERS
Detente EURO
Drank to excess ROREM
Early release CELEB
Eggplant casserole SWEATY
Elocution phrase EVAC
English war poet Gurney IVOR
Entree, often CHEWY
Erased, as a tape SCUD
Ewoks' home in 'Star Wars' ARGON
Existential anxiety SCARY
Farm machines COPED
Food in the Bible DISOWNS
Former Indiana senator Bayh BINGO
Fruit growers URAL
Gas in a vacuum tube LEE
German-born Emmy winner of 1960s TV OPTED
Get off the highway SMILES
Get retribution for OLD
Give one's address? INTO
Go beyond PASS
Got through difficulties TENCENT
Green ___ LIAR
Guesstimated EVAN
Gulf war missile DABS
Hard-to-reach nest GAUGED
Hardly a slow poke JAB
Hold for questioning ALCOTT
Hold the fort, say EAR
Holders of addl. thoughts ALEUT
Home of Hannibal BOWOUT
How utility bills are usually paid PILE
Initiates a conflict SEAN
John at a piano NORM
Krakauer's '___ the Wild' THROW
Lifts a finger? READY
Clues Answers
Like birds of prey ORATE
Like some stores of years gone by PIECES
Line on a map AMMAN
Love EYE
Made-up alibis ADORE
Makes a go of it ASEA
Martial arts move TUNEFUL
Melodious MACRO
Mortarboard tosser POOH
Musical duo Brooks & ___ EXIT
Mustard variety DIJON
Not just a tiff MERGER
One of the authors in the game Authors CAMAY
Out of port NOAH
Over the hill NOES
Palmed off NEW
Patient mover BORDER
Periodic payments TALONED
Playwright O'Casey HOOKS
Pressed BEERS
Procter & Gamble soap URNS
Puerto Rican port BALL
Pulitzer-winning composer Ned GRAD
Put in an appearance TREES
Really impresses ARARAT
Recoiled fearfully POOF
Repudiates PAROLE
Rescue mission, briefly SHOWUP
Rink jumps SIR
SeaWorld performers OWEN
Sentence unit AERIE
Set preceder? ANGST
Setting up MOINES
Small dollops RHO
Socialite's party MOUSSAKA
Soft shade FOISTED
Some drafts THOMAS
Something to grow out of SPAS
Stops on a whistle-stop tour LASS
Subject of many a Burns ballad PHDS
Tech media Web site founded in 1994 DETESTED
They have springs TODAY
Toot one's own horn CARTHAGE
Untidy stack KEEL
Untrustworthy sort MONTHLY
Upper-tier academics DUNN
Various things AWRY
Viewed with contempt COWERED
Volume control on a soundboard THOU
Welcome sight after a flood WEARY
Went (for) DEFEND
What a gutter may lead to STALE
What's expected BOAST
Where Arab Bank is headquartered AVENGE
Wilson of Hollywood CNET
Withdraw FEUD
Wrangler rival FADER
Zesty staple of Asian cuisine SINGININTHERAIN
[Gone ... instantly!] BEARON