New York Times - Jun 22 2013

Clues Answers
'A Tale of Two Cities' ender? GUILLOTINE
'Cool, bro' IDIG
Acts as if money were no object SPLURGES
Andrew Johnson's home: Abbr TENN
Audibly amazed AGASP
Battle of Endor combatant EWOK
City and state follower ZIP
Coloring TINT
Comparative follower THAN
Concessions SOPS
Cookware cover TEFLON
Cosmo alternatives APPLETINIS
Customer counter, maybe STILE
Dot in an atlas ISLE
Either side of an Oreo DISC
Fan's pub ZINE
Fixed a broken web link? REWOVE
Fran├žois's following? APRES
Fujairah's locale: Abbr UAE
Government auction action REPO
Green traffic sight? ECOCAR
Hanger in a clothing shop TAG
He starred as Gatsby in 1974 REDFORD
Home of some frogs TREE
How close-up magicians move DEFTLY
It airs episodes of 'Episodes,' briefly SHO
It might be harsh or hushed TONE
It oversees a major production every two yrs IOC
It's drawn between similar things PARALLEL
Keep the squeaking out of, say REOIL
Kind of review PEER
Kissers YAPS
Lake ___ (largest lake in Australia) EYRE
Lift in greeting DOFF
Clues Answers
Line opener ROTOROOTER
Little props TEES
Memo heads-up ATTN
Miss swinging at a pinata? SENORITA
Nephew of Matty and Jesus MOISES
Nero's position? SITU
Norton Sound port NOME
Old easy-to-load shooter INSTAMATIC
One of Superman's powers HEATVISION
Ovidian infinitive ESSE
Penguin's habitat? GOTHAMCITY
Pin something on ACCUSE
Pitching technique? DOORTODOOR
Plausibility CREDENCE
Rocks from socks REELS
Says 'You said it!,' say AGREES
Seltzer starter ALKA
Series of selling points SPIEL
She released '21' in 2011 ADELE
Skipping sound? TRA
Small doses? MEDS
Some Fr. honorees STES
Some fridges GES
Stop on the way from 0 to 60? SECONDGEAR
Strive to reach TRYFOR
Taste test SIP
Teaching model MOCKUP
Tiny bit SPECK
Toe-tapping trigger IMPATIENCE
Very, to Verdi MOLTO
Where the Garden State Parkway meets I-280 EASTORANGE
Winter malady STREP
With relevance APTLY
Young Frankenstein married her INGA