Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jun 21 2013

Clues Answers
'A pox on thee!' FIE
'Gosh!' GEE
'Price Is Right' guesses BIDS
'Why not?' YEAH
-- metabolism BASAL
-- podrida OLLA
11th Greek letter LAMBDA
Afternoon social TEA
Angkor Wat locale CAMBODIA
Ball-bearing item TEE
Become a flower BLOOM
Black gem ONYX
Carousel, e.g RIDE
Chart format PIE
Crafty SLY
Current measure AMPERE
Debtor's letters IOU
Dos Passos trilogy USA
Dud on wheels LEMON
Egos' counterparts IDS
Exam format ORAL
Exist ARE
Feedbag morsel OAT
Firmament SKY
Frat party garb TOGA
Gender SEX
Goad on SPUR
Halloween cry BOO
Hastened HIED
Have a bug AIL
Highway shoulder BERM
Clues Answers
Hodgepodge OLIO
Impale STAB
Implement TOOL
Impressive grouping ARRAY
In times past AGO
Inventor Whitney ELI
Julius Marx GROUCHO
Kanga's kid ROO
Leeway ROOM
MGM mascot LION
Naked Goya subject MAJA
Neely of hockey fame CAM
Ornate centerpiece EPERGNE
Out of danger SAFE
Panda's lunch BAMBOO
Parch DRY
Potent stick TNT
Product of one's labor? BIRTH
Relaxation EASE
Rewrite EDIT
Roster LIST
Scout festival JAMBOREE
Ship of the desert CAMEL
Small combo TRIO
Sub for a vacationer TEMP
Support system? BRA
Thickset STOCKY
Tiny bit ION
Traditional tales LORE
Vacation TRIP
Wander off STRAY
Witticism MOT
Woolly beast ALPACA