L.A. Times Daily - Jun 15 2013

Clues Answers
"Hard Times" chronicler STUDSTERKEL
"The Old Curiosity Shop" villain QUILP
"Thumbs up!" ILIKEIT
"Top Gun" fighter MIG
"__ and the Paycock": O'Casey play JUNO
Agnus __ DEI
Argonauts' helper MEDEA
Barbecue sauce additive LIQUIDSMOKE
Cake pan trademark BUNDT
Capricious ARBITRARY
CIA director before Petraeus PANETTA
Cloying sentimentality TREACLE
Cutting, maybe ABSENT
Deerstalker feature EARLAP
Egyptian symbol used as a logo by the band Journey SCARAB
Epitome of grace GAZELLE
Eponymous workout creator Joseph PILATES
Family game night site RECROOM
Fictional blockade runner Butler RHETT
Folk instruments named for a Greek god PANFLUTES
Gaelic name for Scotland ALBA
Garfield's veterinarian LIZ
Gives everyone a hand DEALS
Graduation party rental TENT
Hairsplitting types PEDANTS
Hawaiian island once used as a quarantine site MOLOKAI
Is for more than one? ARE
Keats, in a Shelley title ADONAIS
Lagoon of Venice resort LIDO
Like fried wontons CRISPY
Mandlikova of tennis HANA
Clues Answers
Materialized AROSE
Miss the mark ERR
Morse code unit DAH
Mrs. John Quincy Adams LOUISA
Narrow band STRAP
National Poetry Mo APR
Needlework in a parlor TATS
On-call accessory BEEPER
Partying it up ONATOOT
Philip II's force ARMADA
Plug extension? OLA
Powerful seniors' lobby AARP
Prehistoric toon boss MRSLATE
Random House co-founder CERF
Rejections NOS
Ristorante sauce ALFREDO
Rockefeller's successor MONDALE
Sam's twin in "Lord of the Flies" ERIC
Saturnine DOUR
Scheherazade's milieu HAREM
Sistine Chapel ceiling depiction EDEN
Skipped nothing RANTHEGAMUT
Space cadet AIRHEAD
Sushi staple AHI
They're often discounted FLOORMODELS
Two after epsilon ETA
University of Latvia locale RIGA
Vestiges TRACES
Well-expressed COGENT
West end? ERN
What a shrug may indicate APATHY
Will, barring obstacles MEANSTO
Wizard revealer TOTO
WWII spy gp OSS