L.A. Times Daily - Jun 14 2013

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Clues Answers
"Cotton Comes to Harlem" director Davis OSSIE
"Got My ___ Working": 1957 Muddy Waters song MOJO
"Now, Voyager" actress Chase ILKA
11th-century date MLI
Alice's restaurant DINER
Andorra neighbor, locally ESPANA
Bed sheet material SATEEN
Belief TENET
Biol. branch ANAT
Broadway barber TODD
Buck heroine OLAN
Certain Slav SERB
Chanteur Jacques BREL
Charming LIKABLE
Code name MORSE
Covered with frost RIMED
D.C. dealers POLS
Delivery man? MESSIAH
Depression DALE
Dropped the ball ERRED
End of a conductor's shout ABOARD
Exhausting effort TOIL
Expressionist Nolde EMIL
Fictional pirate SMEE
Fraternity letters RHOS
Go like heck ZOOM
Great way to have it MADE
Group with many boomers AARP
Helpers of the ill-suited? TAILORS
Hodgepodges OLIOS
Hornet homes NESTS
Hosp. area EMER
Iditarod terminus NOME
In the manner of ALA
Isn't expanded? ISNOT
Lava rock BASALT
Like a door with three people squeezing through it together? JAMBPACKED
Like the columns in the Jefferson Memorial IONIC
Clues Answers
Lincoln who was the first screen Tarzan ELMO
Long-nosed fish GAR
Looks lustfully at OGLES
Lose on purpose DIET
LPGA golfer Yani Tseng's homeland TAIWAN
Maker of Dex-Cool antifreeze/coolant PRESTONE
Manipulators USERS
Marx Brothers straight man ZEPPO
Mating game CHESS
MBA hopeful's test GRE
Milne joey ROO
Name that means "cool breeze" in Hawaiian KEANU
Netherlands export EDAM
Nickname for Mendelssohn's Third Symphony SCOTTISH
Nutritionist's no RDA
Out-of-control carpenter's tool? WILDPLUMB
P.D. ranks DETS
Peddle SELL
Prego rival RAGU
Propriety DECORUM
Rauch who plays Bernadette on "The Big Bang Theory" MELISSA
Shown so you can't miss it INBOLD
Specialized market segment NICHE
Stinks ODORS
Strained-carrot holders BIBS
Suit in a circus LEOTARD
Support in a swindle ABET
Take a hike SPLIT
Tech news website CNET
Temperaments NATURES
Title for Shakespeare? IAMBLEGEND
Track figures ODDS
Troubling spots ACNE
Upper hand EDGE
Utah Valley University city OREM
Where to find wool? ONTHELAMB
WWI German vice admiral SPEE
__ sister SOB