Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jun 11 2013

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Clues Answers
'East of Eden' character ARON
'I wish' IFONLY
-- in the right direction ASTEP
-- out (supplemented) EKED
1954 doo-wop hit for The Crew-Cuts SHBOOM
Appear SEEM
Bellow ROAR
Caraway, for one SEED
Cereal choice BRAN
Charged bits IONS
Clinton's Arkansas hometown HOPE
Coffee, in slang JOE
Continental coin EURO
Convert to computers AUTOMATE
Delivery co UPS
Deserve EARN
Despot TSAR
Drink heartily SWIG
Eisenhower IKE
Elderly AGED
Existed WAS
Explosive letters TNT
External OUTER
Familiar form of address KIDDO
Grave robbers GHOULS
Half of the offspring SONS
Have bills OWE
Hot tub SPA
Japanese pond carp KOI
Lent a hand ASSISTED
Clues Answers
List-ending abbr ETAL
Listener EAR
Loathe HATE
Mad Hatter's party drink TEA
Maze option PATH
Military visored hat KEPI
Mound stat ERA
Norway's capital OSLO
Not all one kind ASSORTED
Paradise EDEN
Part of FWIW ITS
Picnic invaders ANTS
Pirouette pivot TOE
Pocket bread PITA
Pooch DOG
Possess OWN
Prolonged attacks SIEGES
Quite eager AGOG
Say it isn't so DENY
Sesame paste TAHINI
Showroom sample DEMO
Sister NUN
Snatch TAKE
Song of praise PSALM
Spinning stat RPM
Told a tale LIED
Transferred, in law ASSIGNED
Unforeseen problem SNAG
Vast expanse SEA
Writes quickly JOTS