L.A. Times Daily - Jun 8 2013

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Clues Answers
"__ shall live your epitaph to make": Shakespeare's Sonnet 81 ORI
'70s TV character name whose original Broadway spelling had an "a" instead of an "e" UNGER
'90s judge on "The People's Court" EDKOCH
1980 hit with the lyric "It took a long time to know him" HESSOSHY
2000s Korean compact KIASPECTRA
Accident initials EMS
Beauty spot? PARLOR
Bedlam CHAOS
Belabor REHASH
Bench, once RED
Bit of fodder OAT
Bollywood princess RANEE
Bother PEST
Busses in Birmingham SNOGS
Curator's event ARTEXHIBIT
DFW postings ETAS
Economist Janeway ELIOT
End for Caesar EAN
Excitable dinosaur in "Toy Story" REX
Father's talk: Abbr SER
Focus of a historic New Orleans museum VOODOO
Frost bit? VERSE
General transportation? JEEP
Hated the book, perhaps SPOONERISM
Hip to INON
Horseshoes, e.g LUCKYCHARMS
Hot-and-cold STREAKY
Item under glass, perhaps RELIC
Kenan's TV pal KEL
Lift, as an anchor HEAVEUP
Like some whiskey IRISH
Linguist's concern SEMANTICS
Lower jaw-related MANDIBULAR
Many a miniseries EPIC
Clues Answers
Most ATM deposits CKS
Name in a footnote CITE
Novelist Flaubert GUSTAVE
Observance RITE
Parting words IRESIGN
Passes, in a way LAPS
Positioned SITED
Put on a thumb drive, say SAVE
Ribald RACY
Routine element JOKE
S&L figure INT
Scrub in, say ASSIST
Service providers PASTORS
Shot protection GOALIEMASK
Sleight-of-hand swindle PIGEONDROP
Splits EXITS
Spot warning GRR
Stage presentation? OBIE
Stalk in the garden STEM
Start to charge? SUR
Strike one as being SEEM
Teachers' degs BES
The Tribe, on scoreboards CLE
TNT part TRI
Tools for those on the way up ICEAXES
Toon shopkeeper voiced by Hank Azaria APU
Transcendent joy ECSTASY
Where business is always picking up? SINGLESBAR
Where to find an expiration date? OBIT
Wild Bill Hickok, notably PISTOLEER
Worrying about SWEATING
__ Altos, California LOS
__-Free: contact lens solution OPTI