New York Times - Jun 1 2013

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Clues Answers
'Cloth diaper' or 'film camera' RETRONYM
Arena support? OLE
Aviation safety statistic NEARMISS
Bangladesh export TEA
Bellflower or Bell Gardens, vis-à-vis L.A BURB
Below the surface BURIED
Bullet follower ITEM
Cable channel with the slogan 'Laugh More' TVLAND
Certain building block, informally AMINO
Check out for a second PEEKAT
Classic Meccano toy ERECTORSET
Considered revolting DETESTED
Doesn't level with LIESTO
Egg choice LARGE
Embedded column PILASTER
Floor plan data AREAS
Floral arrangement LEI
Former defense grp SEATO
Frito ___ (old ad symbol) BANDITO
Game of falling popularity? TETRIS
Good name for a brooder? STU
Grand EPIC
Grand alternative UPRIGHT
Great depression? HURRICANE
Had an inclination LEANT
Hardly any SCANT
Haydn's 'master of us all' HANDEL
Hit soundtrack album of 1980 XANADU
Home of the Aggies of the 37-Down LASCRUCES
How many reach the top of Pikes Peak COGRAILWAY
It fits around a mouth BOTTLECAP
Justice from the Bronx SOTOMAYOR
Knick foe SIXER
Leaving out EXCEPT
Like some taxes and questions EVADED
Look while delivering a line OGLE
Clues Answers
Loses liquidity SETS
Low, in Lyon BAS
Metalworker's union? WELD
Midwest trailer? ERN
Nepalese bread RUPEE
Nevertheless ATANYRATE
New Mexico State sports grp WAC
Not grade-specific ELHI
One with hot dates, maybe PALM
Painful spa treatment BIKINIWAX
Pick OPT
Portfolio part, for short IRA
Put down DEMEAN
Quaint preposition UNTO
Québec map abbr STE
Remove, as a 45-Across UNSCREW
Roman world MONDO
She plagues ladies' lips with blisters, per Mercutio MAB
Short play? REC
Show piece DEMO
Spare LEAN
Stationery securer BRAD
Stephen King horror anthology CREEPSHOW
Struck XED
The King's followers? ANDI
They're available in alleys OPENLANES
Trip option: Abbr RTE
Twist in fiction OLIVER
Unseld of the Bullets WES
Upstate New York natives ONEIDAS
Using VIA
What a speaker may strike CHORD
What's often blowing in the wind POLLEN
Wholly INALL
Yoke attachment OXBOW
___ Biscuit (1912 debut) OREO