L.A. Times Daily - Jun 1 2013

Clues Answers
"... the inconstant moon ... that monthly changes in her circled __": Juliet ORB
"Too great a burden to bear": M.L. King Jr HATE
10- or 13-digit ID ISBN
1925 Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist EDNAFERBER
Acoustically, it affects treble but not bass CARPETING
Active SPRY
Actress Cusack JOAN
Alarm sounds EEKS
Ancient amulet SCARAB
Baby elephant CALF
Backed (away) SHIED
Bargaining focus PLEA
Cesar Millan, e.g PETTRAINER
Child care option DAYNURSERY
Classic name heard in the 1962 hit "Monster Mash" IGOR
Desert plant named for a Biblical spy JOSHUATREE
Difficulty RUB
Dude who totally lurks in the bushes CREEPAZOID
Dunkin' Donuts order ONIONBAGEL
Essences SCENTS
Fax abbr ATTN
Flickertail St NDAK
Foot-related PODAL
Former MGM parent LOEWS
Genus of butterfly that includes the Red Admiral VANESSA
Goes (for) OPTS
Group led by a council of 12 Masters JEDI
Had to accept the loss ATEIT
Ham kin NOAH
Heaters GATS
I, O or U ELEM
Indian clay oven TANDOOR
Initial payment ANTE
Its HQ was once destroyed as the result of an earthquake SFPD
Clues Answers
Kebab need SPIT
Krishna, for one DEITY
Lay into SETAT
Ltr. extender PPS
Magnetic induction unit TESLA
Map listing CITY
More chic RITZIER
Mother of Hephaestus HERA
Native to FROM
Northwestern winter fruit BOSCPEAR
Officer Poncherello portrayer of '70s-'80s TV ESTRADA
One likely to vote by absentee ballot EXPATRIATE
Org. concerned with neglect SPCA
Programs with previews SHAREWARE
Restrict CRAMP
Restricts STEMS
Rhythmic fitness routine JAZZERCISE
Rivera specialty SAVES
Shell with fish, perhaps TACO
Skate on thin ice DARE
Spends time at home BATS
Spoiler of a perfect GPA ONEB
Square figures NERDS
Sugar sources BEETS
Surveillance product, briefly INTEL
Synthetic rubber used in footballs BUTYL
Team members OXEN
Ticket word LOGE
Top-10 Lady Gaga hit from "The Fame Monster" album BADROMANCE
TVA product ELEC
Urgent care abbr EMER
Utah lily SEGO
Wade Boggs book subtitled "My Favorite Chicken Recipes" FOWLTIPS
Wide-faced bird OWL