New York Times - May 25 2013

Clues Answers
'Dear' one SIR
'So Wrong' singer, 1962 PATSYCLINE
Affliction whose name rhymes with its location STYE
American Crossroads, e.g PAC
Basilica niche APSE
Be peerless STANDALONE
Blacks out BANS
Broccoli bits? CEES
Building with many sides DINER
Capping ATOP
Caterpillar roll ingredient EEL
Circular stack FLIERS
City near Utrecht EDE
Cylindrical menu item EGGROLL
Decimal starter HEXA
Diamond stats RBIS
Do a vanishing act DROPOUTOFSIGHT
Dynasty founded by Yu the Great HSIA
Eastern state? ZEN
Einstein's death TOD
Epsom's setting SURREY
Fifth-century invader ANGLOSAXON
Figure taking a bow? EROS
First created being, in myth CHAOS
Foil component HILT
Form's top, perhaps LINEA
German granny OMA
Having one 49-Across ING
Headbands? HALOES
Image mentale IDEE
It may precede itself UNTO
Java class? DECAF
Jezebel's lack SHAME
Labor leader's cry? PUSH
Leave one's coat behind? SHED
Clues Answers
Like some majors and wars UNDECLARED
Little Joe's half brother of old TV HOSS
Longtime teammate of Mr. November AROD
Make inseparable WELD
Makeup of some beams IONS
Many a college interviewer ALUM
Material in the translation process RNA
Microsoft Office feature POWERPOINT
Mideastern P.M.'s nickname BIBI
Monitor option, briefly LCD
No-strings declaration? IMAREALBOY
Not blind to INON
Old TV show hosted by Ed McMahon STARSEARCH
One housed in a chest LUNG
Operation creation SLIT
Performer of high-risk operations SWAT
Preakness, e.g HORSE
Product named for its ''round the clock protection' DIALSOAP
Reference CITE
River forming the Handegg waterfall AAR
Saving type HERO
See 34-Across SHARP
Seriously thinking PENSIVE
Stand-up comic known for irreverent sermonettes DAVIDSTEINBERG
Stds. for A and E, e.g RDAS
Stormed RANAT
Submitted HANDEDIN
Vegas spot PIP
Violent sandstorm HABOOB
Wasn't straight LIED
What outer space is that cyberspace isn't? PHRASE
What's 'all in my brain,' in a 1967 rock classic PURPLEHAZE
Winner of 14 tennis majors in the 1990s GRAF
Winner of seven tennis majors in the 1920s LACOSTE
___ deal DONE
___-one TWOTO