Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 23 2013

Clues Answers
'Great!' FAB
'Stop fighting' MAKENICE
'Wabbit' hunter ELMER
-- E. Coyote WILE
-- tai MAI
Back talk LIP
Before ERE
Beige ECRU
Biblical dancer SALOME
Blackbird ANI
Buck's mate DOE
Chicken-king link ALA
Clay, today ALI
Comes together GELS
Confound ADDLE
Crockett and Tubbs' show MIAMIVICE
Deli loaves RYES
Discussion group PANEL
Drenched WET
Exist ARE
First word of 'America' MY
Flightless flock EMUS
Flop DUD
Frilly blouse accessory JABOT
From the beginning ANEW
Gotham City super-villain JOKER
Grain also called water oats WILDRICE
Great lake ERIE
Handled hook GAFF
Hawaiian neckpiece LEI
Insect with pincers EARWIG
Leading lady? EVE
Letter after lambda MU
Clues Answers
Linger BIDE
Make slight alterations TWEAK
Man's hat style FEDORA
Met melody ARIA
Moment SEC
Mongrel CUR
North Sea feeder ELBE
Not straight CURVED
Occurrence EVENT
One of the Three Bears MAMA
Parched DRY
Ph. bk. listings NOS
Prefix re planes AERO
Recede EBB
Relinquish CEDE
Renown FAME
Reps.' rivals DEMS
Sail support MAST
Satan's forte EVIL
Society newbie DEB
Spheres ORBS
Standard PAR
Teller's partner PENN
The Bee -- GEES
Told a whopper LIED
Tolkien ogre ORC
Two-wheeler BIKE
Unfriendly ICY
Walk wearily PLOD
Wall crawler IVY
Warhead weapon, briefly ICBM
Work at the keyboard TYPE