L.A. Times Daily - Jul 2 2005

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Clues Answers
"A Natural Man" singer RAWLS
"Card Players Quarreling" artist STEEN
"Desperate Housewives" role BREE
"How can __?" ILOSE
"No more!" CANIT
"Really?" ITIS
"Something wrong?" WHATISTHEMATTER
4 for He, e.g. ATWT
A bar owner might run one TAB
African master BWANA
Annabeth of "Mystic Pizza" GISH
Arm of the British military STEN
Ask for payment again REBILL
Author LeShan EDA
Blood vessel connected to a capillary ARTERIOLE
Café au __ LAIT
Collectible frame CEL
Combine MELD
Come back ECHO
Common musical wrap-up REPRISE
Computer accessories CARDREADERS
Corner TREE
Deli feature ODOR
Downturns DIPS
Fibbed flagrantly LIEDINONESTEETH
Fond memories GOODTIMES
French 101 word ETRE
How some jokes are told INDIALECT
Indy supplement STP
Ingenuous ones BABES
Left or right (of) TOONESIDE
Like an 11-Down ANGRY
Like butterfly nets CONICAL
Like many writing pads LINED
Clues Answers
Macho types HEMEN
Makeup name ESTEE
Many grains DRAMS
Middle East meas. BBLS
Modern art? ARE
More red RARER
Nautical pronoun SHE
Not deceived by ONTO
Noted cartoon nemesis BLUTO
O or Jay ALER
Obstacle to getting things done REDTAPE
Old copy MIMEO
One carrying on RANTER
Opposite of neo- PALEO
Past time YORE
React, figuratively BATANEYELID
River to Lyon SAONE
Rock genre METAL
Security guard's requests IDS
Small foot IAMB
Snow __ PEA
Sports figure STAT
Strip PEEL
Surveys SCANS
Swindled BITTEN
Tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment AHSO
Value set ETHIC
Via, briefly THRO
Victimize PREYON
Western Athletic Conf. team UTEP
Year in the reign of St. Gregory I DCI
Yours, to Yves ATOI
__ de combat HORS